Feb 20 2021

A comprehensive cooperation agreement signed between Agriculture Ministry and ACSAD

Damascus, SANA- A comprehensive cooperation agreement was inked on Saturday between the Ministry of Agriculture, the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD). The agreement,  which was signed by Agriculture Minister Eng. Muhammad Hassan Qatna, and by ACSAD, Director General, Dr. Nasreddin Al-Obaid, aims to develop the agricultural sector, enhance indications of developmental sustainability, and promote specialized programs to apply sophisticated technologies and integrated and sustainable management of natural resources. The agreement also aims at strengthening environment preserving programs, developing and qualifying specialized human resources for workers of agricultural sector, and attracting the necessary funds …

Jun 13 2020

Rice cultivation experiment in Syria to reduce importation

Tartous, SANA_ Local production of Rice, which is one of the most consumed foods by Syrians, would reduce importing it and, therefore, save foreign currency and contribute to supporting the national economy. The Agricultural Scientific Research Center in the coastal province of Tartous announced the success of the rice cultivation experiment. The center indicated that the seeds will be produced and delivered next year to farmers for planting in the Akkar Plain. Rice cultivation experiments started in Syria since 2015 when 19 varieties were tested and four of them, that are appropriate to the climatic conditions and the nature of …

Jun 12 2020

Ministerial committee listens to the demands of citizens in Damascus western countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA- The ministerial committee charged with following up on the state of agriculture, services, and living conditions in the province of Damascus Countryside was briefed on the most significant difficulties and problems that the citizens are suffering from regarding the services and agricultural sectors in a number of villages in the western part of Damascus Countryside. The committee, chaired by the Minister of Agriculture Ahmad al-Qadiri, during a visit to villages in the area of Jabal al-Shaikh, Qatana, and Sa’asa’, listened to the citizens who called for improving the quality of services and ensuring the availability of all …

Jun 11 2020

Syrian farmers defy coercive measures, prove that Syria is able to achieve self-sufficiency

Damascus Countryside, SANA- Despite the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), peasants continue to work tirelessly, defying the economic war and the coercive measures imposed on Syria. The cold weather pushed the village farmers to start harvesting the rainfed barley crop amid a clear variation in the production and quality of the crop from one field to another, where the majority of peasants considered the season similar to the last season in terms of the production. According to Head of Farmers Union of Damascus and its Countryside, Mohamed Khallouf, the areas planted with barley in the current season reached up …

Jun 3 2020

Harvesting 341 thousand hectares cultivated with wheat and barley in Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA- The areas cultivated with wheat and barley crops harvested by farmers in Hasaka Province to date have reached 341 thousand hectares distributed among different areas of agricultural stability. Director of the Agrarian Production Department at the Agricultural Directorate, Eng. Jalal Bilal, told SANA reporter that harvesting the crops is accelerating and increasing continuously to include the various agricultural areas in the province as the harvested areas have been distributed over 275,500 hectares of irrigated and rainfed barley, and 65,500 hectares of irrigated and rainfed wheat. Engineer Bilal pointed out that the percentage of barley harvested from the public …

May 27 2020

Quneitra province expected to produce 2700 tons of cherry for current season

Related Articles Quneitra, SANA- Quneitra Agriculture Directorate has expected that the province’s production of cherry crops will reach about 2700 tons for the current agricultural season. Head of the Agricultural Directorate Hussein Salan told SANA reporter that the lands cultivated with cherry trees expand over an area of about 100 hectares, indicating that the agriculture of cherry trees is mostly rainfed. Salan added that there is an increasing demand by farmers for the agriculture of cherry trees with all of their types. Ruaa al-Jazaeri FORUM

May 27 2020

Syrian Grain Foundation finishes preparations for marketing wheat crops

Damascus, SANA- The Syrian Grain Foundation is working to support the stability of bread production by implementing previously concluded wheat import contracts and announcing new import contracts that secure the need of mills, in addition to making all necessary preparations to market the entire wheat production for the current season. Engineer Youssef Qassem, Director General of the Foundation, stated that all the measures that have been taken to facilitate the receipt of the entire wheat crop production from the farmers have been taken. Qassem noted that specialized committees have started their field visits at the wheat receiving centers to overcome …

May 21 2020

Cotton cultivated areas for current season in Hasaka province exceed last season

Hasaka, SANA- The cultivated areas with cotton crop in Hasaka province for the current season reached 3,550 hectares since the beginning of the current month up till now. Head of the plant production department in Hasaka agriculture directorate Jalal Bilal told SANA in a statement that the cultivation of cotton in the province is about to be completed, noting that the cultivated areas exceeded the areas that were planted in the last season which reached 3,100 hectares. Bilal added that Hasakah production of cotton crops during the last season reached about 18,000 tons. Hala Zain FORUM

May 18 2020

Large fire extinguished in Sweida countryside, fires damage fields in Hasaka and Daraa

Provinces, SANA – Civil Defense personnel, in cooperation with the authorities and locals, extinguished a large fire that burned down large areas filled with dry grass at the Jordanian-Syrian borders, which had damaged barely fields in Sweida’s southwestern countryside. The fire had started in Jordan and extended into Syrian territory, with the wind causing the blaze to expand and reach agricultural fields before it was put out. Local sources said the fire damaged more than 3 hectares of barley fields. Meanwhile in Hasaka, fires during this season damaged around 1850 hectares of wheat and barley fields, specifically 1110 hectares of …

May 8 2020

Rehabilitation of palm trees nurseries affected by terrorism in Palmyra and its desert

Palmyra, SANA- Agriculture Directorate in Homs began to rehabilitate nurseries of palm trees in Tadmour (Palmyra) and its Badiya (desert) after damage was caused to them over past years due to terrorist acts. Speaking to SANA reporter, Director of palm trees nurseries Ahmad S’aoud Yousef pointed out to measures taken to save the remaining palm trees cultivated in those nurseries . He also pointed out to the need for rehabilitating all the wells and irrigation networks which have been damaged due to terrorism for their function in providing water and irrigating. He said that three palm nurseries were established in …

May 6 2020

SYP 450 billion allocated to receipt of wheat crop for current season

Damascus, SANA- The annual meeting for the receipt and marketing of wheat crop for the current season, chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis,  allocated SYP 450 billion to receive the whole crop of wheat, estimated at 2.9 million tons. The cultivated area reached at 1.355 million hectares with 75 percent. The participants in the meeting decided to transfer an amount of SYP 150 billion as first payment to the Agricultural Bank to pay the price of the delivered crop to the farmers. They demanded all the concerned authorities to offer all necessary facilitations to facilitate the receipt process, including facilitating …

May 4 2020

About 3,539 hectares cultivated with medical and aromatic plants in Homs

Homs, SANA_ Percentage of the implementation of the medical and aromatic cultivation plan in Homs recorded high figures, as the entire plan was implemented through the cultivation of coriander, anise and fennel crops in addition to cumin. There is a great demand for cultivating medicinal and aromatic plants, notably in Homs Governorate, for several reasons, the most important of which is that these herbs demand less water and can rely only on rain water, as well as its profitable returns and the duration of its agricultural cycle is short and can be integrated with other crops, such as legumes.” Deputy …

May 3 2020

Sweida province produces more than five thousand tons of winter vegetables

Sweida, SANA_ The Directorate of Agriculture in Sweida estimated the production of winter vegetables for the current season at 5,144 tons with an increase of about 1,500 tons from the last season. “The favorable conditions and abundant rains contributed to the increase in the production of this type of vegetables this year,” said Alaa Shuhaib, Assistant Deputy Director of Agriculture Directorate in the province. He explained that the area cultivated with vegetables amounted to 3,120 hectares, with an increase of 600 hectares from the scheduled planting plan. Among the main crops are beans, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, carrots and onions. …

Apr 26 2020

Central province of Homs produces more than 60,000 tons of almond

Homs, SANA_ The almond production of Homs central province estimated at more than 60,000 tons for this year, most of which are in the eastern countryside. Deputy Director of Homs Agricultural Directorate Tarif Mansour told SANA that the total cultivated area is approximately 61,000 hectares and the number of trees amounts to one million. “We expect production of more than 60,000 tons and Homs remains in first rank at the level of Syria in terms of cultivated areas and amount of production.” He said. The almond tree is one of the economic trees and an important source of livelihood for …

Apr 23 2020

More than 95 percent of agricultural plan in al-Ghab area implemented

Hama, SANA- More than 95 percent of the agricultural plan has been carried out in the al-Ghab area in Hama province as al-Ghab area is considered as Syria’s food basket for its significant role in the production of various kinds of agricultural crops, particularly the strategic ones. Director of the General Commission for Management and Development of Al-Ghab (GCMD) Aufee Wasouf told SANA in a statement that the GCMD exerts all efforts to guarantee the implementation of the scheduled agricultural plan, as well as increasing production and improving its quality through providing all production services and applying modern technologies to …