May 5 2021

Syrian air defenses confront Israeli aggression on coastal region, down a number of missiles

Lattakia, SANA- The air defenses of the Syrian Arab Army on Wednesday at dawn confronted an Israeli aerial aggression from the direction of south west of Lattakia to some points in the coastal area and downed a number of missiles. A military source, in a statement to SANA, said that “at about 02:18 a.m. on Wednesday, the Israeli enemy launched an aerial aggression from the direction of south west of Lattakia targeting some positions in the coastal region as the Syrian air defenses confronted the aggressors missiles and downed some of them.”  The source added that “a civilian was martyred in …

Mar 2 2021

Yemeni Foreign Ministry condemns Israeli aggression against Syria

Sana’a, SANA- Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in the strongest terms the Israeli aggression on the vicinity of Damascus on Sunday. In a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), an official source at the Ministry confirmed Syria’s legitimate right to respond, to self-defense, and to confront any new Israeli violations with whatever means it deems appropriate. The source expressed that the Yemeni people stand by Syria in all the measures it takes to protect its lands, security and stability. He called on the international community, especially the Security Council, to play its role in maintaining international peace and …

Feb 28 2021

Czech Academic: The US aggression on Syrian territories, flagrant breach of international law

Prague, SANA- Head of Czechoslovak Institute for International Relations,  Jaromir Shalabata condemned the American aggression on areas in Deir Ezzor near the Syrian-Iraqi borders. In a statement to SANA correspondent in Prague on Sunday, Shalabata said that these acts of aggression are flagrant violation of the international laws and the Syrian sovereignty. He added that these acts of aggression are an indication on that US administration continues its aggressive policy. He warned against the danger of the US aggressive policy and its repercussions as it increases tension in the region, which could be turned into confrontation and wars, and poses …

May 1 2020

Explosions in eastern Homs resulted from aggression on military position

Homs, SANA_ Several explosions were heard on Friday in the central province of Homs. Homs Governor Talal Barazi said that the explosions were due to a terrorist attack on a military position east of the city. “Still, there are no details on the nature of this aggression,” he added. Columns of smoke were seen rising from the site as shells fell in the vicinity of it, causing injuries to several civilians. Gh.A.Hassoun FORUM

Apr 27 2020

3 martyred, 3 others injured due to the Israeli missile aggression

Damascus, Countryside, SANA_ Three civilians were martyred and three others were injured, including a six-year-old child, due to the Israeli missile aggression from over Lebanese airspace on civilians’ houses in al-Hujaira and al-Adliya towns in Damascus southern countryside. Considerable material damage was caused to the houses. Earlier, at 4:55 a.m. Israeli warplanes, from over southern Lebanon, fired a number of missiles towards Syrian territory. The air defenses immediately responded to the hostile missiles and shot down most of them, the source added. Gh.A.Hassoun FORUM

Apr 27 2020

3 martyred, 4 injured by shrapnel of Israeli missile aggression

Related Articles Damascus Countryside, SANA_ Three civilians were martyred and four others were injured, including a child, as a result of shrapnel of Israeli missile aggression that fell on houses of the people in l-Hujaira and Al-Adliya towns in Damascus countryside. Earlier, the Syrian army air defenses intercepted an Israeli missiles fired from over Lebanese airspace, towards Syrian territory and downed most of the them. FORUM

Apr 27 2020

Air defenses repel Israeli missile aggression over Damascus, down most of missiles

Damascus, SANA_ A military source said that three civilians were martyred and three  others were injured, including a child, in Al-Hujaira and Al-Adliya towns in Damascus southern countryside due to the Israeli missiles aggression from over Lebanese airspace.The source said in a statement to SANA that through following up the results of the Israeli aggression at dawn on Monday, we found some shrapnel of the hostile missiles fell in the populated Al-Hujaira and Al-Adliya towns, claiming the lives of three citizens and wounding three others, including a six-year-old child. Earlier, Syrian army air defenses repelled an Israeli missile aggression from …

Mar 1 2020

Syrians express condemnation of Erdogan’s regime aggression on Syria

Provinces, SANA- Syrian people expressed condemnation of Erdogan’s regime act of aggression on Syria, his support to terrorism, particularly in Idleb, false pretext to justify his barbaric aggression and use of civilians as a tool to put pressure on the western countries, as well as using terrorists to help him to carry out his schemes. In facing Erdogan’s aggression, the Syrian people unified their ranks in supporting the Syrian Arab army which spares no efforts in defending the Syrian land and people. Syrian official and popular figures reiterated their support to the Syrian Arab army in facing the Turkish aggression …

Feb 11 2020

Terrorist attacks launched from Idleb unacceptable, should not continue, Kremlin says

Moscow, SANA- Spokesman for the Russian Presidency Dmitry Peskov stressed that the terrorist attacks launched from Idleb province are unacceptable and they should not be allowed to continue. In a statement to journalists on Tuesday, Peskov expressed Kremlin’s deep concern over what terrorists are doing in Idleb, indicating that terrorist organizations are launching attacks against civilians and the Russian facilities. Peskov reiterated the necessity to stop any terrorist acts against the Syrian forces and the Russian military facilities, calling on in this regard the president of the Turkish regime to commit to his responsibilities regarding the de-escalation zone in Idleb …