Jun 9 2021

Afrin Liberation Forces: 12 Turkish soldiers were killed in northern Aleppo

According to the group, in the first three days of this month, a series of operations were carried out in the northern suburbs of Aleppo province to target Turkish troops, which resulted in the death of 12 of them. In one of these attacks, a convoy belonging to the Turkish army was targeted on the outskirts of Afrin, as a result of which a number of Turkish troops were killed and wounded. The Afrin Liberation Forces also targeted a group of Turkish soldiers in the village of Basufan, killing four Turkish soldiers and wounding four others. The Afrin Liberation Forces …

Apr 8 2021

Two Turkish soldiers killed in Syria + Video

Meanwhile, Syrian armed media reported that four Turkish soldiers were killed in the attack. FORUM

Jan 21 2021

Video: Operation of Kurdish units against Turkey and its militants in Afrin

The video, released on the third anniversary of the occupation of the Afrin region by Turkish forces, shows images of attacks on trenches and positions of Turkey and Turkish-backed militants in various parts of Afrin. The Afrin Liberation Forces is a Kurdish-centric group that has emerged since the occupation of the Afrin region and has stated its goal of fighting Turkish-backed militants and Turkish military forces in the occupied Afrin region. FORUM