Nov 3 2021

New ISIS propaganda video from Nigeria + Images

The released video is about the operations of IS branch in the West Africa region (ISWAP) and shows the operations that were mainly carried out in the first half of 2021 in different parts of Nigeria. The video includes various terrorist operations in the states of Nigeria, including raids on Nigerian military bases, executions, military parades, attacks on villages, looting of Nigerian military weapons and equipment, etc. Although ISIS has released most parts of the video in the past in the form of image reports. According to published video, most of the ISIS attacks took place in the northeastern Nigerian …

Nov 3 2021

Tigray forces advance towards Addis Ababa + Ethiopia latest military map, 3 Nov 2021

According to the latest news, the Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) have captured the towns of Dessie and Kombolcha in the Amhara region. Clashes are currently raging between militants and Ethiopian military (ENDF) in the suburbs of Kombolcha. There are also reports of Tigray forces advancing south and capturing Were Ilu. Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) militants, on the other hand, managed to take control of the town of Kemise, 45 km south of Kombolcha, and advanced north to reach the Tigray forces. In recent statements, the Tigray and OLA militants have stated their intention to overthrow the government of Abiy Ahmed …

Jul 3 2021

Nusrat Al-Islam Claimed Responsibility For Attacks In Mali, As France Resumes Its Operation With Local Forces

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image The al-Qaeda-linked group Jamaat Nusrat Al-Islam Wal-Muslimin (JNIM) claimed responsibility for a series of terrorist attacks against foreign military personnel in Mali. On June 21, several French soldiers and civilians were injured when a suicide bomber attacked a military checkpoint of the French Armed Forces near the village of Gossi. The wounded were evacuated by helicopters to a hospital in Gao. The military base located near Gossi is used by the security forces as a foothold for operations against jihadists in Mali. Click to see full-size image On June 25, another suicide bomber …

Jul 2 2021

ISIS Shared Summery Of Its Attacks In Africa During June

Support SouthFront Illustrative image. On July 2, ISIS newspaper, al-Nab’a, shared an infographic summarizing the terrorist group’s operations in Africa during last June. According to the infographic, ISIS terrorists carried out a total of 39 operations in Somalia, Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso last month. The operations included 19 raids, ten attacks with improvised explosive devices (IEDs), eight ambushes, one suicide raid and one suicide bombing. Al-Nab’a claimed that 171 civilians and soldiers, including three French service members, were killed in the operations as follows: 61 were killed in Nigeria; 30 were killed in Cameroon; 23 were …

Jul 1 2021

Photo Report: ISIS Terrorists Wreaked Havoc In Cameroon, Somalia, Nigeria & Congo

Support SouthFront Illustrative image. ISIS intensified its operations in different parts of Africa over the last few weeks. The terrorist group’s cells launched attacks in Cameroon, Somalia, Nigeria and Congo. On June 27, ISIS cells in Cameroon stormed a military base and ambushed a unit of government forces near the town of Sandoa Gry in the Far North Region. 26 Cameroonian service members were allegedly killed. The terrorists also destroyed a vehicle and seized some weapons. Click to see full-size image. On June 28, the terrorist group’s cells in Somali targeted two policemen who were collecting taxes in the town …

Jun 28 2021

Nigeria: Boko Haram militants joined ISWAP

Following the death of former Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau and changes in the group’s structure, a large number of Boko Haram militants joined ISWAP. In a video recently released by ISWAP, Boko Haram militants pledge allegiance to an ISWAP commander Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishi and ask other Boko Haram militants to respond to the caliph’s invitation. The developments come as former Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau was killed on June this year, and a man named Bakur Sakhalaba is claiming to succeed him. ISW Did ISIS killed leader of Boko Haram? Pictures of the allegiance of Boko Haram militants …

Jun 27 2021

Military Situation In The Lake Chad Area On June 27, 2021 (Map Update)

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On June 24, at least 4 people were killed by Boko Haram attack on the village of Gujba On June 23, ISWAP attacked a Nigerian military base near the town of Maiduguri On June 26, several Boko Haram militants joined ISWAP and swore allegiance to a new leader, known as Aba Ibrahim Al-Hashimiyil AlKhuraishi MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront FORUM

Jun 25 2021

Child Soldiers Kill At Least 130 In Burkina Faso Massacre

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image A massacre in Burkina Faso in which more than 130 people were killed was largely carried out by child soldiers took place on June 24th. Burkina Faso government spokesman Ousseni Tamboura told reporters that the attackers were “mostly children between the ages of 12 and 14.” The government did not provide further details about the children involved in the attack or which group carried it out. The announcement comes as 10 percent of Burkina Faso’s schools have shuttered due to rising insecurity — a trend that researchers say makes children more vulnerable to …

Jun 24 2021

Two South African Brothers Vanish With $3.6Bn In Bitcoin In Crypto’s Biggest Scam Yet

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image Two South African brothers have disappeared, along with 69,000 Bitcoin, worth $3.6 billion from their own cryptocurrency investment platform. A Cape Town law firm hired by investors says they can’t locate the brothers and has reported the matter to the Hawks, an elite unit of the national police force. It’s also told crypto exchanges across the globe should any attempt be made to convert the digital coins. Following a surge in Bitcoin’s value in the past year, the disappearance of about 69,000 coins represents the biggest-ever dollar loss in a cryptocurrency scam. The …

Jun 17 2021

ISIS Terrorists Seized Nigerian Army Battle Tanks During Recent Attack In Borno (Photos)

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image. On June 14, ISIS news agency, Amaq, released photos from a recent attack by the group’s fighters on Nigerian government forces in the northeastern Nigerian state of Borno. During the attack, which took place on June 13, ISIS terrorists stormed a position of the Nigerian Armed Forces near the town of Katavila. The terrorists entered the position after heavy clashes with government troops, who eventually withdrew. According to Amaq claims, a number of Nigerian service members were killed or wounded during the daring attack. The entire position was also set on fire. ISIS …

Jun 17 2021

Operation Barkhane: French Troops Captured ‘High-Ranking’ ISIS Commander In Sahel

Support SouthFront File image. On June 16, the French military announced that it had captured a “high-ranking” commander of the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (IS-GS). In a statement, the military said that the terrorist, Dadi Ould Chouaib was captured on June 11 in the “tri-border” region between Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. The region is known to be infested with terrorists from different groups. Chouaib, known by his nom de guerre “Abou Dardar,” was located during a joint helicopter patrol between troops from Operation Barkhane -the codename of French military intervention in the Sahel region of West Africa- …

Jun 12 2021

Leader Of Al-Qaeda In Islamic Maghreb Killed In French Military Operation In Mali

Support SouthFront French soldiers of the 126th Infantry Regiment and Malian soldiers, March 17, 2016. A senior commander of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI) responsible for the abduction and murder of two French journalists in 2013 has been eliminated by French troops during an operation in Mali, Florence Parly, France’s Defense Minister, announced on June 11. In a statement, Parly said that the commander, Baye Ag Bakabo, was killed along with three other terrorists on June 5 when troops from Operation Barkhane, the codename of French military intervention in the Sahel region of West Africa, foiled an attack on …

Jun 8 2021

Al-Qaeda-Linked JNIM Group Denied Responsibility For Recent Massacre In Burkina Faso

Support SouthFront Illustrative image Nusrat al-Islam (officially known as Jama’a Nusrat ul-Islam wa al-Muslimin’ (JNIM) that is an Al-Qaeda’s branch in Sahel has released a statement denying its involvement in the massacre in northern Burkina Faso. On June 4th, at least 160 civilians, including “volunteer anti-terrorism fighters” were killed in the bloodiest string of Islamist attacks in Burkina Faso since 2015. Amid the media reports on the appalling massacre, the JNIM organization has announced “its complete absolvement … and fully denied its involvement.” The group’s statement stressed out that “these heinous acts” were not  a part of the methodology of …

Jun 8 2021

ISIS suicide attack in southern Libya

The attack took place at the Mazaq checkpoint at the entrance to the city of Sabha, destroying three military vehicles, killing two LNA soldiers and wounding several others. The head of the Sabha city criminal investigation department and a senior LNA official were among those killed. FORUM

Jun 8 2021

Islamist Massacres In Burkina Faso Leave At Least 160 Dead In A Single Day

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On June 4th, at least 160 civilians, including “volunteer anti-terrorism fighters” were killed in the bloodiest string of Islamist attacks in Burkina Faso since 2015. Twin attacks in the West African country’s volatile northern region, launched within the space of a few hours, left the scores of dead, including 120 children. The largest massacre took place in Solhan, the capital of the region of the same name near the border with Mali and Niger in the so-called “three borders” zone. The town is known as a crossroads for thousands of prospective gold miners. …

Jun 7 2021

Boko Haram’s Leader Blows Himself Up In Battle Against ISWAP

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image Abubakar Shekau, leader of Boko Haram terrorist group, reportedly blew himself up in battle with ISWAP in Sambisa forest ISWAP attacked Nigerian Army positions in the Damboa area. At least 6 Nigerian Army personnel were captured or killed MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront FORUM

Jun 6 2021

Did ISIS killed leader of Boko Haram?

According to local media, Abubakar Shekau fled to his safe haven in Sambisa forest during the attack by ISIS, he declined to surrender and committed suicide! There are many stories about the detail of his death. These stories became more complicated after message of Abu Musab al-Barnawi, ISIS terrorist group west of Africa branch leader. He claims they arrested Shekau with utmost humiliation. He asked the followers of Shekau to stop fighting ISIS which shows resistance of Shekau followers.Nevertheless, government sources have not confirmed death of Abubakar Shekau. On March 2015, Shekau pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, …

Jun 4 2021

France Suspends Joint Military Operation In Mali To Punish Junta

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On June 3rd, France said that it was suspending its joint military operations with Malian forces “awaiting guarantees” that civilians return to positions of power. This comes after on May 25th, the Malian military detained interim President Bah Ndaw and Prime Minister Moctar Ouane and stripped them of their powers after a dispute over a cabinet reshuffle, after the previous military coup in August 2020. Assimi Goita, a colonel who led both coups and was Ndaw’s deputy in the transitional administration formed in September with the task of steering the country towards the …

Jun 3 2021

ISIS Terrorists Killed Two Nigerien Soldiers, Captured Two Others In Diffa (Photos)

Support SouthFront Illustrative image. On May 31, ISIS terrorists attacked a post of the Nigerien Armed Forces in the Diffa region in the southeastern part of the country. Heavy clashes broke out between the terrorists and Nigerien soldiers, who retreated from the post in the end. According to ISIS claims, two soldiers were killed during the attack. The group’s fighters also captured a pickup truck and quantities of weapons. Amaq released several photos from the attack, confirming that at least two Nigerien soldiers were captured by ISIS fighters. Click to see full-size image. Click to see full-size image. Click to …

Jun 2 2021

New Concern For Moscow: Sudan To Review Agreement On Construction Of Russian Naval Base

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image Sudan has announced its intention to review the agreement with Russia on the construction of a naval base in the. On June 1, the Chief of Staff of the armed forces of Sudan, Muhammad Osman al-Hussein n his interview that was broadcasted by the Blue Nile TV channel, announced that the agreement with Russia on the construction of the naval base would be reviewed because of some provisions of the document that could harm the security of the state. “We’re in the process of renegotiating an agreement signed between the former government of …

Jun 1 2021

At Least 55 Killed In Islamist Massacres In Congo’s Bloodiest Day

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On May 31st, two attacks left at least 55 dead in villages in Eastern Congo. The army and a local civil rights group blamed the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an Islamist armed group, for raiding the village of Tchabi and a camp for displaced people near Boga, another village. Both are close to the border of Uganda. Houses were burned and civilians abducted, the U.N. office for humanitarian affairs said in a statement. Albert Basegu, the head of a civil rights group in Boga, told Reuters that he had been alerted to the …

May 27 2021

At Least 22 Killed In Islamist Massacre In Congo

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On May 26th, suspected Islamist militants killed at least 22 civilians with knives and machetes in an overnight raid on villages near the town of Beni in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Just over three weeks ago the government declared martial law in North Kivu and Ituri, two provinces bordering Uganda. A four-month-old baby was found alive on the back of one of the victims, one of seven children from the same family believed to have been orphaned in the latest violence that hit a number of villages around 40 km east of …

May 27 2021

Russia Delivers Mi-8 And Mi-24 Helicopters To Central African Republic

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image The Russian Ministry of Defensed delivered Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters to the Central African Republic (CAR). This was reported in the Telegram channel “New Military Columnist”. There is also a video that proves the delivery. A heavy transport aircraft An-124-100, part of the 224th air detachment of the Russian Defense Ministry, delivered domestic multipurpose helicopters to Central Africa. The footage shows the Russian military delivering the helicopters at the local airfield. In early May, military expert Alexei Leonkov revealed the reasons for the creation of a new Russian military base in Africa. According …

May 25 2021

Military Coup In Mali, Nine Months After The Last One

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On May 24th, Mali’s military detained the president and prime minister of the interim government, according to the United Nations and the African Union. This takes place nine months after a military coup overthrew its previous leader. The detention of President Bah Ndaw and Prime Minister Moctar Ouane came hours after a government reshuffle left out two soldiers who led the coup in August last year and raised fears of a second military takeover. In a joint statement, the UN and AU called for the “immediate and unconditional release” of Mali’s civilian leadership …

May 18 2021

Russia Delivered Third Batch Of Weapons To Central African Republic

Support SouthFront Illustrative image. Click to see full-size Russia has supplied the Central African Republic (CAR) with a third batch of small arms, including 5,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles, Russian Ambassador to Bangui Vladimir Titorenko told Russian state media. “Russia supplied the CAR on a gratuitous basis with a third batch of weapons. These are small arms and light weapons (small arms) – machine guns, light machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, RPGs, hand grenades and ammunition,” the ambassador said. According to him, this delivery is the largest – among the supplied weapons, there are 5,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles. The ceremony of …

May 16 2021

In Photos: 15 Killed In Deadly ISIS Attack In Southeastern Niger

Support SouthFront A destroyed ACMAT Bastion APC. Click to see full-size image. On May 16, ISIS news agency, Amaq, released photos from a recent attack by the group’s cells on the Niger Armed Forces. The attack, which took place on May 4, targeted a post of the Nigerien military located near the town of Einthusan in the southwestern region of Tillabéri. At the time, the post was manned by soldiers from a special anti-jihadist forces called “Operation Almahaou”. ISIS claimed that about 20 Nigerien soldiers were killed as a result of the attack. However, the Ministry of Defense of Niger …

May 10 2021

Chad’s Military Announces Victory Over FACT, Rebels Disagree

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On May 9th, Chad’s military declared victory over the rebel group Front for Change and Concord in Chad (FACT) after weeks of fighting. The fighting led to the death of long-time President Idriss Deby on the battlefield. His son assumed leadership, with support of a military junta. Deby visited troops on the battlefield a day after claiming re-election victory and sustained injuries in an attack that led to his death, throwing Chad in a crisis. “The triumphant return of the army to the barracks today heralds the end of operations and Chad’s victory,” …

May 9 2021

ISIS Terrorists Killed, Injured Over 30 Nigerien Soldiers In Two Separate Attacks (Photos)

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image. More than 30 Nigerien soldiers were killed in two separate attacks by ISIS cells in western and southwestern Niger in the first week of May. The first attack, which took place on May 1, saw ISIS cells ambushing a unit of the FAN [Forces Armées Nigériennes – reads in English the Niger Armed Forces] near the town of Talia in the Tahoua region in western Niger. Ibrahim Miko, Secretary General of Tahoua, said on national TV that the unit was on its way back from a mission when it came under attack. “From …

May 8 2021

Military Situation In The Lake Chad Area On May 8, 2021 (Map Update)

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image Boko Haram elements have spread warning letters of an impending attack in Maiduguri causing panic among the civilian Boko Haram reportedly killed at least 10 more Nigerian Army personnel in Ajiri area On May 7, ISWAP terrorists attacked Bulabulin area in Borno state MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront FORUM

May 8 2021

Boko Haram new attacks to Nigeria Army + Images

According to the latest updates on conflict in Nigeria, Boko Haram militants attacked an Army base in Bulabulin ,south of Maiduguri town and other positions in Ajiri area. Following the attacks, the militants plundered the army equipment and set the base and vehicles on fire.In another attack by the terrorists to Army positions in Ajiri area, 15 including 10 civilians were killed. Boko Haram attacks Nigerian Army base in Bulabulin FORUM

May 6 2021

Increased ISIS activity in northern Nigeria

According to Bauchi state officials, Boko Haram militants have infiltrated the villages of Zaki, Dambam, Darazo and Gamawa in Bauchi state. These areas are adjacent to the Geidam area and bordering the state of Yobe, which has been recently captured by the militants. Boko Haram has also stepped up its attacks in the state of Borno. Boko Haram attacked an army base in the Ajiri area, 52 km south of Maiduguri. Seven people were killed in the attack, including a Nigerian army commander. In another ISIS attack on the northern areas of Yobe state, the border village of Kanamma was …

May 5 2021

ISIS Shared Photos Of Recent Large-Scale Attack On Northeastern Nigerian Town

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image. On May 5, ISIS news agency Amaq released photos of a recent attack by the group on the town of Kanama in the northeastern Nigerian state of Yobe. During the attack, which took place on April 29, ISIS terrorists stormed Kanama. The terrorists managed to enter the town, that’s located a few kilometers away from the border with Niger, after overrunning a post of the Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF). #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 25%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; …

May 5 2021

Video Of French Journalist Abducted By Al-Qaeda In Mali Surfaced Online

Support SouthFront Olivier Dubois as seen in the recently released video. On May 5th, a video showing French Journalist Olivier Dubois, who went missing last month while working in Mali’s northern city of Gao, surfaced online. In the video, Dubois says he was kidnapped on April 8 by al-Qaida-linked Jama’at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin (JNIM). The journalist calls on his family, friends and French authorities to work for his release. Dubois works for a number of French news outlets including Le Point Afrique and Libération. According to Libération, he has been based in Mali for six years. Christophe Deloire, head …

May 5 2021

Military Situation In The Lake Chad Area On May 5, 2021 (Map Update)

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On May 3, the Nigerian Army reportedly repelled Boko Haram attack in Rann town of Kala Balge area. 2 Nigerian Army personnel were killed On May 3, ‌Boko Haram attacked a Nigerian Army HQ in Ajiri. 6 Nigerian Army personnel were killed in the attack On May 4, ISWAP raided the border village of Kanamma. This is at least the fourth incursion by ISWAP terrorist group in recent days On May 3, Boko Haram terrorists raided the areas of Zaki, Dambam, Darazo, and Gamawa in Bauchi State MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront …

May 2 2021

ISIS Spread In Africa

Support SouthFront Illustrative image Written by ThomasST exclusively for SouthFront. There is currently a strong focus on southern Africa and especially on the country of Mozambique, where, it seems that ISIS has developed its activities with almost military like structured units, managing to bring under its influence entire areas or even cities. Because academic descriptions and theories do not fit conveniently into these sort of situations, it is good to put a few things always in accordance with information from the main actors; as the southern part of the African continent is rather “offline” with regard to its information space …

May 1 2021

ISIS storming Africa, this time west of Chad

Chad locates in the center of Africa neighboring Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, Cameron, Nigeria and Niger. It has a population of 16 million from which 75% are Muslim. Chad is a poor and independent country in despite of having wealthy mines of gold, uranium and diamond and being a hub in the center of Africa.Chad is close to France and French supported them in conflicts with Sudan and Libya before. Idriss Déby, the president, expanded the relations with Zionist regime. He was killed in a conflict with militants of Front for Change and Concord on 20 April 2021.The government’s …

Apr 29 2021

ISIS Released Photos Of Recent Ambush In Mali Which claimed The Lives Of Over 30 Soldiers

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image. On April 27, ISIS news agency Amaq shared photos of a recent deadly attack by the group’s fighters in the Malian Gao Region. The attack, which took place on March 15, saw ISIS terrorists ambushing a convoy of the Malian military near the town of Tessit, located 60 km southeast of Ansongo, near Mali’s border with Burkina Faso and Niger. At least 33 Malian soldiers were killed and 14 wounded as a result of the attack, according to the Malian military. Amaq said that three military vehicles were burned while a fourth was …

Apr 27 2021

Two Spanish Journalists, An Irish National Abducted In Burkina Faso (Photos)

Support SouthFront Illustrative Image Two Spanish journalists and an Irish national were abducted in eastern Burkina Faso on April 26. They disappeared alongside a Burkinabe soldier after an attack on an anti-poaching military unit in a national park in the east of the country, near the border with Benin. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez confirmed that two Spaniards were killed, naming the victims. Both were described as seasoned war journalists. They reportedly had histories of working in conflict zones in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. Se confirma la peor de las noticias. …

Apr 27 2021

ISIS launches heavy attack in northeastern Nigeria

The attack on an Army base on the outskirts of Mainok, west of Maiduguri, killed 31 Nigerian soldiers including a senior field commander. According to Nigerian media, the convoy was carrying weapons to Maiduguri when it was attacked by four ISIS armored vehicles. ISIS destroyed Nigerian military equipment and set fire to its base after the end of the conflict. ISIS also looted five military vehicles and captured other weapons. ISIS attacks Nigerian army in Mainok FORUM

Apr 25 2021

Military Situation In The Lake Chad Area On April 22, 2021 (Map Update)

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On April 24, Boko Haram reportedly attacked Geidam town in Yobe state. On April 24, Nigerian troops eliminated at least 21 Boko Haram terrorists in clashes in the Geidem region of Yobe state, according to the Army spokesman Brig. Gen. Mohammed Yerima. At least 4,000 Boko Haram terrorists had deserted the group, the ISS reported on April 24. MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront FORUM

Apr 23 2021

ISIS Shared Summery Of Its Attacks In Iraq, Western Africa In Last Ten Days

Support SouthFront Illustrative image On April 22, ISIS news agency Amaq released an infographic summarizing the group’s attacks in Iraq and West Africa over the last ten days, which were the first quarter of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan. According to the infographic, ISIS cells carried out 40 operations in Iraq, including the April 15 car bomb attack in Sadr city in the capital Baghdad and the April 17 raid on three positions of the Iraqi military and tribal forces near al-Hliwah Aiport in Kirkuk. As a result of the attacks: 73 service members, local fighters and civilians, including …

Apr 23 2021

France Supports Chad’s Military Government, As Rebels March On The Capital

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On April 22nd, France backed the Chadian Army’s takeover of the country, after the battlefield death of President Idriss Deby. Any other choice allegedly undermines its superficial fight against militants in the Sahel. Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian justified the installation of a military council headed by Deby’s son on the grounds that stability and security were paramount at this time. “There are exceptional circumstances,” Le Drian said. Deby’s son Mahamat took control of the country and its armed forces on April 21st, dissolving the parliament and suspending the constitution. According to the …

Apr 21 2021

Boko Haram attacks in northeastern Nigeria + Images

Boko Haram attacked an army base in the east of the town of Dikwa in Borno state on Sunday, destroying four military vehicles and armored vehicles and seizing the remaining weapons left by the Nigerian army. According to local media reports, 16 Nigerian Army personnel were killed in the clashes. The Nigerian military is currently conducting operations against Boko Haram positions with the support of the Air Force in the region. Boko Haram attacks Nigerian Army base in Dikwa town FORUM

Apr 20 2021

Chad’s President Killed Day After Winning Presidential Election

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image Chad’s President Idriss Deby has died of injuries suffered on the frontline where he had gone to visit soldiers battling rebels, an army spokesman said on April 20. Deby died a day after he won a sixth term, according to provisional election results that were released on April 19. The 68-year-old Deby, who came to power in a rebellion in 1990, took 79.3 percent of the vote in the April 11 presidential election, the results showed, according to Al Jazeera reports. The National Assembly and the Government of Chad have been dissolved. For …

Apr 19 2021

Unending Chaos In The Sahel: Terrorist Attack Leaves 19 Civilians Dead In Niger

Support SouthFront At least 19 civilians were killed in a terrorist attack on a village in west Niger, near the border with Mali. The governor of Tillaberi region said dozens of heavily armed attackers on motorbikes stormed the village of Gaigorou on the evening of April 17th. Governor Ibrahim Tidjani Katiella told DPA news agency the attackers, who likely came from Mali, surrounded the village and then started killing the inhabitants. A municipal official from Dessa confirmed that 19 people were killed and two others wounded in the attack. He told AFP news agency that the assailants initially attacked people …

Apr 9 2021

ISIS Terrorists Wreak Havoc In Southern Niger (Photos)

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On April 5, ISIS’ news agency, Amaq, shared photos of a recent attack by the group in the southeastern Nigerien region of Diffa.  The attack, which took place on April 4, targeted a base of the FAN [Forces Armées Nigériennes – reads in English the Niger Armed Forces] in the town of Ngagam which is located near the city center of the Diffa Region. In the course of the attack, ISIS terrorists stormed the base and killed five Nigerien soldiers. The terrorists also seized six pickup trucks and loads of weapons. Moreover, ISIS …

Apr 6 2021

Latest Updates on Mozambique, 6 April 2021

According to local sources, more than 50 civilians, including two British and South African nationals, have been killed and dozens more missing since the recent ISIS attack on Palma.There are many stories of ISIS crimes in Palma, with the most authoritative reports stating that ISIS-affiliated gunmen turned a football field into an execution ground after capturing a village on the outskirts of Palma and beheaded several people there. FORUM

Apr 6 2021

Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado has been plagued by ISIS for years

Support SouthFront To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video DEAR FRIENDS. IF YOU LIKE THIS TYPE OF CONTENT, SUPPORT SOUTHFRONT WORK: PayPal: [email protected] Donation alerts: Gumroad: Or via: or via:, BTC: 3Gbs4rjcVUtQd8p3CiFUCxPLZwRqurezRZ,  BCH ABC: qpf2cphc5dkuclkqur7lhj2yuqq9pk3hmukle77vhq,  ETH: 0x9f4cda013e354b8fc285bf4b9a60460cee7f7ea9 In recent months, and ramping up in recent weeks especially, attacks by the terrorist groups in the areas near Total’s massive gas project became regular. Uncontained ISIS now is taking on the Mozambican army and seizes entire towns. It threatens the French giant’s project that is worth $20 billion; and all …

Apr 3 2021

Mali: Four UN Peacekeepers, Two Soldiers Killed In Two Separate Attacks (Photos)

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image. Source: On April 2, four UN peacekeepers, two Malian soldiers were killed and several others were injured in two separate terrorist attacks in Mali. The peacekeepers were killed in a large attack by gunmen on base of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) in the eastern area of Kidal. According to a statement by the MINUSMA, the gunmen, who are yet to be identified, were heavily armed. “Heavily armed terrorists carried out an attack in which four peacekeepers died and several others were wounded in Aguelhok in the Tessalit …

Apr 2 2021

Combat Footage: Boko Haram Terrorists Shot Down Warplane Over Nigeria’s Borno

Support SouthFront Wreckage with the serial number of the downed Alpha Jet NAF475. On April 2, the Jama’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da’wah wa’l-Jihad (JAS), commonly known as Boko Haram, confirmed that its fighters had shot down an Alpha Jet of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF). The NAF lost contact with the French-made jet over the northeastern state of Borno on March 31. Edward Gabkwet, a spokesman for the air force, said that the jet was on interdiction mission in support of ground troops. A video shared by JAS shows the fighter jet bursting into flames as it falls from the sky. …