Jul 11 2021

What is happening in Afghanistan? Afghanistan developments, Taliban relations with Shiites and Iran

As the various dimensions of the recent Taliban activities become clearer and the positions of foreign and neighboring countries regarding the conflicts in Afghanistan become clearer, it is possible to examine the latest developments in this country: 1- The latest military situation in Afghanistan:According to the latest news from the Afghan conflict, more than 90 other districts have been added to the Taliban-held areas since the beginning of the 1400 Solar Hijri year (since March 21), and clashes with the Afghan army are ongoing in many provinces of the country.Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the group’s militants would not attack …

Jan 4 2021

Consequences of US withdrawal from Afghanistan

As we know, the United States has signed a unilateral agreement with the Taliban to find a dignified way out of the 19-year war in Afghanistan, which, if fully implemented, will still have different dimensions for the country’s future. From this perspective, we examine the issues facing Afghanistan: 1- The current situation of the government and army of Afghanistan and its future:Having a strong military force is one of the essential components of achieving stability, peace, and ultimately establishing a capable government. Consequently, a capable and effective government and meeting the requirements and solving political and social problems can prevent …

Jan 3 2021

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 3 January 2021

1- Kandahar:– Kandahar Governor Hayatullah Hayat: 70% of the security forces have been disbanded following recent Taliban attacks. After these remarks, he was fired by Ashraf Ghani and was replaced by a “Ruhollah Khanzadeh”.According to local officials in Kandahar, government forces in the cities of Zhairi, Maiwand, Arghandab and Panjwai have withdrawn from 193 checkpoints and security points, and some of their commanders have been reported to military court for negligence and failure to perform their duties.– Three security forces were injured when a mine exploded in the path of security forces in Ain Mino town. 2- Afghan Ministry of …

Dec 27 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 27 December 2020

1- HelmandAfghanistan Defense Minister reported that four Al Qaeda terrorists killed in air raid to Momen Khan area, Nawah district. 2- According to Afghanistan media, in the last week, 74 persons killed and more than 100 wounded in explosions in the provinces of Kabul, Ghazni, Herat, Kapisa, Balkh, Badghis, Nangarhar, Parwan, Faryab, Qandahar, Kunduz, Khost and Helmand. 3- Hamdullah Mohib, Afghanistan security counselor: In the last week 195 terrorists were arrested by security forces in Afghanistan. 4- UruzganAccording to local sources, Taliban exhumed Shah Mohammad Shah, Police chief of Dehrawud district and beheaded him, after occupying the district. It is …

Dec 6 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 6 December 2020

1- Uruzgan:The Afghan army has repulsed Taliban attack on Dehrawud district and cleared Taliban-occupied positions. The Afghan Air Force has also bombed Taliban positions on the outskirts of Dehrawud. 10 Taliban members were reportedly killed and 11 wounded.(Image above) 2- Kandahar:– According to the Afghan Ministry of Defense, 28 Taliban fighters were killed and eight others were wounded during clashes between the Afghan army and the Taliban in Panjwai area.– A car bomb blast near a military base in the district of Arghistan has killed at least three people and injured seven others. 3- Helmand:US warplanes bombed Taliban positions on …

May 30 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 30 May 2020

1. Peace talk:– Taliban assigned five person committee to talk with Afghanistan government regarding releasing prisoners.– According to Hezbi Islami on Friday Afghanistan government released 164 prisoners of the party from Bagram and Pole Charkhi prisons. 2. Paktia:Due to Taliban attack to border troops station in Dandepatan district, 14 security forces killed and three injured. 3. Sarepol:31 Taliban militants surrendered after a conflict with security forces in Alerkachan village, Kuhistanat district. Four Taliban militants killed in the conflict. 4. Parwan:Due to Taliban attack to security forces station in Siagard district seven died and one injured. 5. Badghis:Mine blast killed three …

May 27 2020

Latest updates on Afghanistan, 26 May 2020

1. Peace talks:– Suheil Shahin, Taliban spokesperson, denied extending Eid Al Fitr ceasefire. 2. Afghanistan national security:– Due to Taliban’s attacks to 30 provinces in Ramadan 146 civilians were killed and 430 injured.– Setting another 900 Taliban captives free the total number of released captives reach 2,000. 3. Jozjan:– Due to security forces air strikes on Taliban positions in Mangajik town, 21 Taliban militants were killed.– According to local sources, more than 1,500 families inhabiting in Mardian district and 250 families of Mangajik district were displaced by Taliban. 4. Lughman:Due to mortar hitting a house in Alishang district four civilians …

May 3 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 3 May 2020

1. Peace Talks:– Taliban in its fourth round of prisoner exchange have freed 40 more government prisoners.– Taliban in its fifth round of prisoner exchange have freed 12 more government prisoners in Kunduz province.– The Ashraf Ghani government freed 25 of Taliban prisoners in Ghor province. 2. Abdullah Abdullah:The elders’ attempt and the negotiations for resolution of this political crisis continues. Some progress achieved in this process and according to the agreement the work on the details of the agreement still continues. 3. Badghis:The Taliban exploded a Girls School in the Chap Ruda region in Qadis town. 4. The spokesman …

Apr 28 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 28 April 2020

1. The peace talks:– The government of Ashraf Ghani have freed 70 of Taliban prisoners from Herat prison.– Zabihullah Mujahed the spokesman for Taliban in response to Ashraf Ghani’s government and foreign countries request about establishing ceasefire and to reduce violence in holy month of Ramadan, have called these requests as illogical and opportunistic. He claimed that this group have done its part for establishing peace and ending the war. 2. United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA):In the first 3 months after the new year, 1293 civilian have been killed and injured as the result of the Afghanistan war. …

Apr 25 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 24 April 2020

1. The Taliban rejected the request of Ashraf Ghani for ceasefire on Ramadan month because of he doesn’t give enough attention to Taliban-US agreement 2. BadghisIn result of Taliban’s attack against the checkpoint of security forces of Qala-e-Naw ,13 people from the popular movement forces were martyred. 3. The Ashraf Ghani government have freed 550 of Taliban’s prisoners so far. The national security council emphasized that the process of freeing the prisoners of Taliban will continue until freeing 1500 prisoners. 4. According to the ministry of interior of Ashraf Ghani government, in result of recent clashes between Taliban and security …

Apr 11 2020

Afghanistan: Disagreement over releasing of Taliban captives

Jawid Faisal the national security council spokesman said in this regard:200 prisoners that had been presented to government by Taliban in a list, were released.They have vowed that never return to the battlefield. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan government has received the same assurance from this group leadership in Doha. But Zabihullah Mujahid the Taliban spokesman accused Ashraf Ghani government to excuse making and called the Ashraf Ghani government responsible for disrupting the peace agreement. FORUM

Apr 10 2020

Latest updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 9 April 2020

1. Balkh:Taliban executed seven civilians of Jarhai Nahre Sorkh village in Sholgara district by shooting. According to local sources, before this crime, Taliban executed 18 people of the same area in 1998. The above photo shows this news. 2. Parwan:US base Bagram was hit by several rockets fired from a vehicle. ISIS took responsibility. 3. Ashraf Ghani administration released 100 more Taliban militants.Yesterday 100 Taliban militants were released already.According to national security council spokesperson of Ashraf Ghani administration, the 460 Taliban prisoners released are from the list agreed by Taliban and USA. But Taliban rejected the topic due to halt …

Mar 31 2020

Latest updates on Afghanistan, 30 March 2020

1. Badakhshan:According to our local source, Yamgan district fell to Taliban. However, Afghan Defense Ministry rejected the claim. 2. Taliban called the committee assigned by Ashraf Ghani government not inclusive and due to lack of presence of representatives of some political movement. Taliban rejected Ashraf Ghani’s decision and called it against peace agreement with USA. 3. Balkh: – In Taliban engagement with security forces in Sholgara district, 10 Taliban militants killed and injured. – Due to Taliban attack to Zari district, three villages in Abdulgan area were occupied. Hazarah people live here. 4. Ashraf Ghani administration will release 100 of …

Mar 24 2020

Mike Pompeo’s unexpected trip to Afghanistan

In this trip Pompeo met with Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah regarding forming the unity administration.He talked with Ashraf Ghani about peace in Afghanistan and implementation of USA-Taliban agreement.After this trip, Pompeo left for Doha, Qatar. FORUM

Mar 18 2020

Rahmatullah Nabil disclosed the plan to divide Afghanistan

– 280 Taliban militants to be freed soon have been arrested with explosive vests and other tools and the government did not consult with anyone regarding liberating them. – Zalmy Khalilzad’s endeavors in Afghanistan are suspicious. On one hand USA supports security forces and pays Taliban on another hand. – We are at the brink of an abyss. If it gets worse, there needs only a spark. The security forces might even confront among themselves. In north of Afghanistan weapons were distributed and in case of crisis intensified and civil war, Afghanistan will divide into three parts. This Pashtoon politician …

Mar 12 2020

Office of the chief executive of Afghanistan is abolished!

This position was created in the crisis of Afghanistan presidential election in 2014 with mediation of USA and political agreement of sides. It was given to Abdullah Abdullah but the tensions rose after the recent election regarding forming the government.Abdullah Abdullah regarding this issue said: “I will assign the chief executive as president of Afghanistan soon.” FORUM

Mar 10 2020

US forces number decreasing started in Afghanistan

According to USA-Taliban agreement, US forces should decrease from 13 thousand to 8,600 troops in 135 days. In case Taliban obliges to the agreement, US will withdraw its forces completely in a 14 months period. US decision to decrease troops in Afghanistan happens while Afghanistan is experiencing political crisis and increasing tension between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah following Afghanistan election result was announced. In case two sides do not reach agreement, there is a high chance of civil war in Kabul and other towns. FORUM

Mar 4 2020

US response to Taliban attacks

According to this news, US carried out air strikes this morning on Taliban positions in the Nahre Seraj district in the Helmand province.Leggett added : The Taliban must reduce the violence and stop unnecessary attacks, as they have promised to the international community. We will defend our partners in Afghanistan, if it’s necessary.It’s be said that during Taliban attacks in recent days on Afghanistan security forces positions, 20 security forces have been killed and this attack is the US first response against Taliban after peace agreement. FORUM

Feb 28 2020

The peace agreement between US and Taliban will be signed tomorrow

According to the Taliban political office statement in Qatar, the ceremony of agreement with US will be held tomorrow in the Sheraton Hotel in Doha, with presence of foreign ministers and agents of 30 countries and international organizations. Taliban and US agreement will be signed by Taliban high officials and US secretary of state Mike Pompeo, after initial 7 days ceasefire in Afghanistan.According to this agreement, after signing the agreement , 5000 of Taliban captives will be released by central government and also the inter-Afghan negotiations between Afghanistan groups and movements will be started ten days after signing the agreement. …

Feb 27 2020

Once again Zalmay Khalilzad wrote prescription for Afghanistan!

In meeting with Abdullah Abdullah, Khalilzad told him that inauguration ceremony will be postponed for 15 days and he also should stop assigning governors.He invites Afghan groups to follow Ashraf Ghani and assure them Ghani’s administration will be inclusive. General Dostum and Hekmatyar stances are not clear after their meetings with Khalilzad currently. But what is certain is that Abdullah Abdullah has not retreated from his claims. Leaders of different groups from Abdullah Abdullah to Muhaqqeq and Karzay, Hekmatyar and Batur Dostum held their second meeting in Rabbani house and talked about these issues. FORUM

Feb 25 2020

Intercession of Sayyaf and Karzai for peace in Afghanistan

Following the crisis after election result announced, Sayyaf and Karzai proposed solutions to either sides. Muhammad Mohaqiq said: Let’s see what kind of miracle do the hat of Karzai and cane of Sayyaf. The intercession was not limited to these meetings and Zalmay Khalilzad met with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. US envoys effort to convince Abdullah Abdullah and dividing him from his supporters is continuing.

Feb 24 2020

Taliban have not violated the agreement!

Soheil Shahin said in this interview:– Some groups are trying to make barricades in the path of the peace agreement with the US. – The 70 percent of Afghanistan territory is under our control and we are committed to ceasefire agreement.– We have committed our forces to observe all of commitments and we are ready to responding to any violation by the opposite side.– Our commitment is based on non abusing of Afghanistan territory against other country, in interest of the Afghanistan stability, and we will end the occupying of foreigners with adopting a political solution. Before this Zabihallah Mojahed …

Feb 23 2020

Taliban violated the ceasefire!

According to local sources, in the first attack in Khajah Sabzpush district, Faryab province, Taliban militants martyred two security forces and injured another. The second attack was in Zari district, Balkh province, according to Atta Muhammad Nur.It is said, Taliban attacked security forces positions in Paktia province but no news of possible casualties. General Miller, NATO commander in Afghanistan, reported of complete stop to attacks to Taliban and spokesperson of Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid, also said ceasefire includes military bases of either foreign or domestic forces, government buildings, groups HQs.

Feb 22 2020

Afghanistan: Sar-e Pol under Abdullah Abdullah!

Yesterday Mohammed Nour Rahmani was appointed by Abdullah Abdullah as the governor of Sar-e Pol, and supporters of General Dostum marched in support of him today and gathered in front of the governor’s office. Sar-e Pol Province, with a population of more than 700,000, is located in northern Afghanistan and has a significant role in controlling the northern parts of the country. The majority of the province’s residents are Hazaras and Uzbeks.

Feb 22 2020

Temporary Ceasefire Began in Afghanistan

Ashraf Ghani has ordered Afghan security forces to stop their attacks on the Taliban positions from 12pm tonight and have only defensive positions against attacks from the other side. He has excluded operations against ISIS, al-Qaeda and other groups from the order.The Taliban, meanwhile, has ordered all its forces to be on alert and banned them from attacking government and foreign positions for up to seven days.

Feb 21 2020

USA intriguing in Afghanistan

Following the cancellation of meeting between Zalmy Khalilzad and General Dostum, US envoys met with his son, Batur Dostum, regarding presidential election and incidents of Afghanistan. The details are not reported but it is obvious USA is trying to push General Dostum toward Ashraf Ghani. General Dostum is the leader of National Islamic movement of Afghanistan and senior of Uzbek and Turkmen races in Afghanistan.Some believe he has a lot of weight in Afghanistan politics and in previous election Ashraf Ghani could force Abdullah Abdullah to accept the fraud result by coalescing with him. Afghanistan politics situation is turning toward …

Feb 18 2020

Latest updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 18 February 2020

1. Nimruz:An army helicopter was hit by Taliban but could emergency land. Taliban claimed to shoot it down. 2. Qunduz:Due to Taliban’s attack to security forces station in the first district of Qunduz, 14 soldiers were killed and three wounded. 3. Afghanistan election:Election commission of Afghanistan presidential announced Muhammed Ashraf Ghani as the final winner. 4. Pakistan: Due to terrorist blast in a religious gathering in Quetta, 10 people martyred and 35 wounded. (Image above).

Feb 16 2020

Details of US-Taliban agreement

This is a preliminary agreement to reduce violence in seven days and in the whole country including government forces. According to western media, the statement regarding the agreement will be released in next week. Frame of the agreement is as follows,1. Taliban is obliged to stop suicide, missile and ground attacks for seven days. 2. USA is monitoring the agreement in these seven days.3. In case of American officials satisfaction of Taliban, the agreement will be extended. The second agreement will be signed near the end of February and talks between Afghan groups will start from March 10 in Norway …

Feb 15 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 14 February 2020

1. Qunduz: Due to explosion of a landmine in a school in village of Dasht Archi district, 5 children killed and 3 other injured. 2. Latest updates on US-Taliban talks:– Trump has announced the situation of peace with Taliban will be clear in the next two weeks.– On February 14, the Pentagon claimed that the Taliban had agreed on a 7-day ‘decrease of violence’ amid the US-Taliban talks in Qatar.– Mike Pompeo: Despite progress in negotiations with Taliban, still some steps have remained. The rate of violences should be reduced.– After announcing the progress of Taliban-US negotiations, Hamed Karzai and …

Feb 13 2020

General Dostum threatened Afghanistan administration

He was talking at the anniversary of Shir Nawaei and Babur: “If people’s clean votes are ignored and the election result comes out based on cheating, we form a parallel government based on Afghanistan people’s clean votes.”

Feb 9 2020

Clashes between Afghan Army and US troops in Nangarhar

It is said that these clashes have happened during joint operation of US forces and Afghan army and due to verbal tension of the two sides forces in the city of Shirzad in the Nangarhar province.The US Ministry of Defense has announced the casualties of this clashes as 2 killed and 6 wounded, some local sources in Afghanistan have informed of killing 8 personnel. The cause of this clash has not been cleared yet, some sources have announced that this attack has done by Taliban that isn’t true. Also the Taliban news sources have not published any news in this …

Feb 6 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 6 February 2020

1. Khost: The abduction of a US contractor named Mark R. Frerichs in the Khost.So far, no group has accepted any responsibility regarding abduction of this person, and the Haqqani network which is allies of Taliban, is accused for this kidnapping. 2. Nangarhar:According to the announcement of Ministry of Defense, in the operation of air force in the city of Achin, 11 members of Taliban were killed. 3. Mojib Al Rahman Rahimi Spokesman of Abdullah Abdullah: We do not accept the combination of the negotiator committee with Taliban that is appointed by President (Ashraf Ghani). There has been no consultation …