Feb 16 2020

Details of US-Taliban agreement

This is a preliminary agreement to reduce violence in seven days and in the whole country including government forces. According to western media, the statement regarding the agreement will be released in next week. Frame of the agreement is as follows,1. Taliban is obliged to stop suicide, missile and ground attacks for seven days. 2. USA is monitoring the agreement in these seven days.3. In case of American officials satisfaction of Taliban, the agreement will be extended. The second agreement will be signed near the end of February and talks between Afghan groups will start from March 10 in Norway …

Feb 9 2020

Clashes between Afghan Army and US troops in Nangarhar

It is said that these clashes have happened during joint operation of US forces and Afghan army and due to verbal tension of the two sides forces in the city of Shirzad in the Nangarhar province.The US Ministry of Defense has announced the casualties of this clashes as 2 killed and 6 wounded, some local sources in Afghanistan have informed of killing 8 personnel. The cause of this clash has not been cleared yet, some sources have announced that this attack has done by Taliban that isn’t true. Also the Taliban news sources have not published any news in this …