Apr 9 2020

Adnan al-Zurufi declined the prime ministry

Shia parties of Iraq’s parliament agreed to oppose him before. It is said Mustafa al-Kadhimi will be introduced to the president as candidate of Shia parties. So Mustafa al-Kadhim was introduced by Barham Salih for the task of prime ministry and now he has 30 days to form a new cabinet and present it to parliament for approval. FORUM

Apr 8 2020

Does U.S. intend to attack Iraqi groups? Part 3

1. As you know Americans evacuated their forces from five bases al-Qaem, Habaniyah, al-Qayyarah, the Nineveh province operational command headquarters and K1 to other bases in Iraq such as Ain al Assad, and it is said that they are expanding Ain al Assad and several new points in Iqlim Kurdistan.For example 500 Americans transported their forces from Habaniyah base to Ain al Assad. Ain al Assad has been equipped with advanced American air defense system. 2. One reason of these movements is to convince Iraq’s parliament that USA is slowly leaving and has become the main topic of Adnan al …

Apr 4 2020

Statement by Iraqi resistance groups against the U.S. and al-Zurufi

Summary of statement issued jointly by groups such as Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, Harakat al-Nujaba, Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada:– Your recent threats are a cover up for your defeat. – You are weaker than to open a war with us. Your leaders have tested us. – We never allow USA to continue occupying our land, plundering our wealth and dividing our country. – US forces in Iraq are occupiers and only understand the language of force. – We show our objection to prime ministry of Adnan al-Zurufia, CIA’s candidate, and this will not prevent us from keeping security and peace in Iraq. …

Apr 4 2020

Al-Zurufi demands parliament of Iraq session

Adnan al-Zurufi counts solving economic crisis, stabilizing sovereignty and rule of law in the country, holding clear and trustworthy election and balancing Iraq’s international relations as the plans of his future cabinet. While many Shia groups oppose introduction of Adnan al-Zurufi by Barham Salih, al-Zurufi said he will not give up and tries to form the cabinet with approve of the parliament. FORUM

Apr 1 2020

Does U.S. intend to attack Iraqi groups? Part 2

Iraq’s prime ministry is a position that who ever assumes it, cannot ignore the influence of USA and Iran on this country. Iran has proved to be the best partner in the region and the most trustworthy in fighting terrorism and the most powerful player in Iraq. Considering this role, stance of a westernized person such as Adnan al-Zurufi is easier to understand. He is not the only one who cannot be successful in ruling Iraq without Iran’s help. If al-Zurufi wants to be PM he must first absorb trust of Iraq’s Shia groups in the parliament. There are other …

Mar 21 2020

Opinion: Prime ministry challenge; this time with al-Zurufi

Adnan al-Zurufi, secretary of al-Wafa movement, MP from Najaf and member of Nasr faction who has been assigned as Najaf governor and other security positions. He is close to Haider al-Abadi, former Iraqi PM, and has citizenship of USA. The elected PM has one year to hold the election, however selecting PM in Iraq became so challenging and difficult that it seems the election will be postponed for one more year. According to al-Zurufi, he wants to hold transparent and trustworthy election and dissolve militias such as Peshmarga and Hashad Sha’abi in Iraqi army and give the control of Iraq …

Mar 18 2020

Fath coalition statement about Barham Saleh and appointing Adnan al-Zurufi

We are dissent with illegal action of president in appointing a candidate for the prime minister post that is out of legal mechanisms; And its official announcing is against the constitution, that has been stipulated in it that prime minister candidate should be introduced from larger fraction. The president by ignoring the constitution from one side, and by non obligation to the agreement between political forces from other side, repeated the opposition with constitution; we know the president completely responsible for the consequences of these provocative actions, and we will do all of our actions for preventing from this inattention …

Mar 18 2020

Iraqi new prime minister was assigned

Adnan al-Zurufi the secretary general of the al-Wafa group, is the representative and member of the Nasr fraction in the Iraqi parliament, that before this has had some security posts, and has been the governor of Najaf. He is one of the close persons to the Haidar Al Abadi (former Iraqi prime minister) and his second citizenship is from the US. Al-Zurufi has one month to draw the attention of Iraqi MPs and to form his cabinet. FORUM