Jan 22 2021

Spain: Storm Hortense wreaks havoc in Madrid

The Hortense storm caused wreckage in several parts of the Spanish capital, Madrid, on Friday. Footage shows firefighters removing the roof of a building, which was ripped off by strong winds overnight, in the Vallecas district. Damage to the wall in the Plaza de Cibeles square can also be seen, with workers removing debris. According to reports, the regional government, Community of Madrid, has attended to 522 incidents throughout the Madrid region, mainly due to fallen trees and branches. The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has announced that a new squall, which has been named Ignacio, is expected to hit on …

Jan 22 2021

Italy: 10-year-old girl dies after taking part in social media challenge

A young girl died in a Palermo hospital after being discovered unconscious by a family member in her bathroom with her mobile phone on Wednesday due to what is reported as a TikTok challenge. According to press sources, one of her siblings said the girl had been taking part in the ‘blackout challenge’, where people restrict blood flow to the brain to induce a high. This is reported to be a new trend on the video sharing platform. Italy’s data protection agency filed a lawsuit in December against TikTok over a perceived “lack of attention to the protection of minors” …

Jan 22 2021

India: Serum Institute buildings blackened after deadly fire at world’s largest vaccine producer

Footage from Friday shows the aftermath of a deadly fire at vaccine-maker Serum Institute’s Pune facility which left five people dead on Thursday. The fire is believed to have started because of an electrical fault. The blaze was located close to the COVID-19 vaccine production unit but is unlikely to have consequences on the production of the vaccine. The Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine maker, is spread over 100 acres in Pune. Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer by the number of doses produced and sold globally (more than 1.5 billion doses). …

Jan 21 2021

Iraq: Funeral processions held for double suicide bombing victims in Baghdad

A funeral procession was held for the first victims of the twin explosion that rocked a Baghdad market on Thursday, killing at least 32 and wounding 110 others. Relatives could be seen carrying the coffins of the dead as prayers were said. Several wounded survivors could be seen being treated at the Al Kindi Hospital accident and emergency department. This is the first twin bombing that takes place in Baghdad since January 2018 when an attack that targeted the same area also killed 35 people and injured 90. One of the two suicide bombers reportedly lured crowds of people towards …

Jan 21 2021

Iraq: Baghdad hospital swamped after deadly double suicide market bomb

The Al-Kindi hospital in Baghdad was filled with patients and relatives following the deadly double suicide that saw the deaths of at least 32 people and 110 wounded, on Thursday. Relatives escorting loved ones could be seen, along with several who sustained injuries. One witness, Ali Muhammad Jassim, said he was present at the scene when “the first explosion happened near us, and the second when the world gathered together, it exploded.” Another survivor said he “couldn’t see anything. At the beginning, we saw about eight martyrs, and when people gathered, the second explosion took place, and I felt that …

Jan 21 2021

Spain: Residents eager to return as technicians inspect Madrid building after blast

Technicians from the Madrid City Council inspected on Thursday the building which was hit by a powerful gas explosion the day before. The residents of Toledo street, where the house is located, have been waiting for experts to certify the condition of their homes before being able to access them again. “We do not know anything, when we will be able to enter… the most important thing is that we are alive, that we are fine, of course, but some houses are left without walls so we would like to see our house,” said Lola, one of residents. The explosion …

Jan 21 2021

Ukraine: Fire kills at least 15 people in Kharkiv private nursing home

A fire broke out in a private nursing home in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Thursday. At least 15 people were killed and 11 injured in the accident, according to Ukraine’s Prosecutor-General Iryna Venediktova. As the preliminary investigation suggests, the fire was allegedly caused by careless handling of electric heaters. The Prosecutor-General’s Office opened a criminal case into alleged violations of fire safety requirements. FORUM

Jan 21 2021

Spain: Emergency services remove debris after deadly building explosion in Madrid

Fire crews continued removing debris at the site of a gas explosion which killed four people in a building in central Madrid on Thursday. Cranes and excavators were sent to the scene to pull out cars affected by the collapse of the building’s facade, and to help clear the street of rubble and other debris. “The first thing we have to do is get all these cars off the road. We are evaluating the situation with the municipal technicians to see how to continue,” said Carlos Marin, the on-duty head of the Madrid Fire Department. The powerful explosion took place …

Jan 21 2021

Spain: Emergency operations ongoing after gas explosion at Madrid building kills 4

Police and emergency workers were on-site on Thursday, a day after a massive explosion rocked a building on the central Calle de Toledo street in Madrid, killing as many as four people. The blast which was linked to a gas leak, ripped off the facade of the building also leaving several people injured. FORUM

Jan 20 2021

Spain: Firefighters continue working on building destroyed by gas explosion in Madrid

Firefighting teams were workiing at the site of a gas explosion that so left at least three people dead and destroyed a major part of a building in Madrid on Wednesday night. Policemen and firemen with dogs trained in locating people could be seen in the surroundings of the accident site. Specialised teams were mounted on cranes to the top of the building in view of the risk of collapse following the powerful explosion, which was felt throughout the neighbourhood located in the centre of the Spanish capital. “I heard the first blast, which was at about three o’clock, and …

Jan 20 2021

Spain: ‘The whole building was shaking’ – neighbours describe Madrid explosion

Madrid residents living near Calle Toledo where an explosion killed at least three people spoke about the incident on Wednesday. “I live in a street nearby. So, we just finished eating and, well, I was in my room tidying up and so on. And suddenly the whole building began shaking and it sounded like some kind of bomb or something, very loud,” said Marta, a local resident. Madrid Mayor Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida said the incident was “a possible gas explosion, in a building on Calle Toledo at number 98, above the Virgen de la Paloma parish church”, according to the …

Jan 20 2021

Spain: Aerial images capture aftermath of deadly Madrid blast

Aerial images filmed by a police helicopter show the building destroyed by a reported gas explosion on Wednesday in the centre of Madrid. According to regional government sources, at least three people lost their lives in the explosion, and a worker who was inspecting the building’s boiler is missing. Eight other people have been injured in the incident. The building was located next to a nursing home, which has been evacuated, and very close to a school, in whose courtyard some rubble has fallen. FORUM

Jan 20 2021

Spain: Column of smoke seen in Madrid sky after explosion hits building

At least three people were killed and one person remained missing after a large explosion in a building on Calle Toledo street in Madrid on Wednesday. Footage shows a group of people near the site of the blast, as well as a column of smoke billowing out of the building. Police sources reported that the incident occurred while gas operators were checking the facility at the back of the parish centre of the Virgen de la Paloma Church. According to reports, the residents of the nearby Los Nogales La Paloma nursing home were evacuated. FORUM

Jan 20 2021

Spain: At least two dead in Madrid building explosion

At least two people have died and six were injured in an explosion that destroyed several floors of a building on Calle Toledo in Madrid. Footage shows the affected building, the emergency services and police on site, as well as residents were at the area. The mayor of the city, Jose Luis Martinez-almeida, said that the explosion could have been caused by a gas leak, which blew up the four upper floors of the building. According to reports, the building is very close to the Los Nogales La Paloma nursing home, whose residents were evacuated. Sources at the residence reported …

Jan 20 2021

Spain: Emergency services on site following Madrid explosion

Emergency services were on site after a powerful explosion rocked a building in central Madrid, Wednesday afternoon. A large number of police officers and firefighters were seen deployed inside the cordoned off area as ambulances and other emergency vehicles gathered at the site of the incident. At least three people have been reported dead and several more injured while one person is believed to be missing. According to reports citing authorities the explosion was linked to gas maintenance work. Police sources cited in reports say the incident occurred while gas operators were checking a boiler at the facility. The missing …

Jan 20 2021

Spain: Powerful explosion destroys building in Madrid

At least two people were killed and six injured after an explosion hit a building on the central Calle Toledo street in Madrid. Footage shows the damaged structure, as well as the emergency services and the media at the scene. Madrid Mayor Jose Luis Martínez-almeida said that the blast could have been caused by a gas leak. Police sources reported that the incident occurred while gas operators were checking the facility at the back of the parish centre of the Virgen de la Paloma Church. According to reports, the building is very close to the Los Nogales La Paloma nursing …

Jan 20 2021

Syria: Firefighting operations underway after tanker explodes at Homs oil transport company

Emergency crews worked to extinguish a fire caused by a blast at the Syrian Company for Transporting Crude Oil in Homs province on Tuesday. While the explosion was limited to a few tanks, it could complicate the transfer of oil for civilians, adding pressure on those already living in a dire situation. Firefighters propelled streams of water on to the fire while heavy machinery moved heaps of soil so they could serve as barriers to contain the fire in the facility. The Syrian state media reported a tank explosion to be the cause of the blast which happened while fuel …

Jan 18 2021

Indonesia: 20,000 evacuated in aftermath of ‘worst’ South Kalimantan floods

Dozens of flood victims were seen camping out in Toko Abu Muhammad shopping outlet in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan’s capital on Monday, following urgent evacuation as severe floors struck Borneo island on Saturday. “We are in need for fresh food and clean water, as we did not bath for two days because clean water supply in this condition is stopped,” said one of the flood victims interviewed in a temporary shelter in a shopping outlet, where dozens of people have been temporarily displaced. According to reports, at least 15 were killed and almost 40,000 have been displaced by the severe floods. …

Jan 17 2021

Turkey: Rescue operation underway as Russian-flagged cargo ship sinks in Black Sea

A rescue operation is underway after a Russian-flagged cargo ship sank off the coast of Turkey’s Bartin province, in the Black Sea, on Sunday afternoon. The ship, called ‘Arvin’ reportedly had 13 Russian crew members on board as it sank. Local authorities confirmed that two crew members were found dead, and five people were rescued, while emergency services from the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) are still searching for others. The Turkish Ministry of National Defence (MSB) declared that a frigate from the Naval Forces Command was also involved in the rescue operation. FORUM

Jan 17 2021

Chile: Quilpue fires cause huge damage as 25,000 locals evacuated

Police, firefighters, army helicopters and emergency services were deployed in Quilpue on Saturday as authorities still attempt to contain the flames from forest fires that have been raging through the region. Authorities ordered the immediate evacuation of 25,000 people in Valparaiso and Quilpue on Friday. On Saturday the Mayor of Valparaiso confirmed that the fires in Quilpue were still not under control and thus they could not authorise the return of evacuees. “Most of the people left leaving their things, for example, one neighbour has 11 puppies and had to leave and could not take 11 dogs. For them it …

Jan 16 2021

Indonesia: Drone footage reveals buildings destroyed by Sulawesi earthquakes

Drone footage from Saturday captured topped buildings in Mamujur and the extent of the damage inflicted by two earthquakes that struck the Sulawesi island. A 5.9-magnitude earthquake on Thursday afternoon was followed by a 6.2-magnitude quake in the early hours of Friday morning. Nearly 10 people died following the partial collapse of a Mamujur hospital, though over 50 were successfully evacuated. 300 homes and two hotels were also reportedly destroyed, along with the office of a regional governor. The Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management reported that at least 34 people were killed, while hundreds more were left injured and …

Jan 16 2021

Chile: Thousands evacuated due to forest fires in Valparaiso

Authorities ordered the immediate evacuation of 25,000 people in Valparaiso and Quilpue on Friday, due to forest fires that have been raging through the region. Footage filmed in Quilpue, Valparaiso region, shows the sky with an intense orange colour due to the flames, as well as the smoke and dust caused by the fire. Police, firefighters, army and emergency services were deployed in the area in an attempt to contain the flames and help in evacuation efforts. According to the reports available so far, no fatalities have been registered, but several buildings were ravaged by the fire. Authorities believe the …

Jan 15 2021

USA: Bus dangles from Bronx overpass after crash

At least seven people were injured in a road accident which left half of a tandem bus dangling from the New York City Cross Bronx motorway on Thursday night. Firefighting units rescued the passengers and the bus driver while paramedics proceeded with carrying out first aid to the injured. New York Police Department sealed off the scene and called the residents to avoid the area. FORUM

Jan 12 2021

Indonesia: Officials present black box recovered from Sriwijaya Air crash

Indonesian officials presented the flight data recorder found at the site of the Sriwijaya Air crash at a ceremony in Jakarta on Tuesday. Divers discovered the box along with a separate radio beacon at the seabed while the search continued for the cockpit voice recorder. The Boeing 737-500 aircraft fell into the sea after it departed from Jakarta’s airport on Saturday killing 62 people on board. FORUM

Jan 12 2021

Indonesia: Divers search for black boxes, wreckage in seabed

A search and rescue diving team was seen sifting through the mud of the Java Sea bed on Tuesday, near the suspected crash site of the Sriwijaya Air passenger jet, as the search continued for wreckage, human remains, and the aircraft’s still missing black boxes. Authorities hope to retrieve the black boxes shortly to determine the cause of the crash, as emergency signals transmitted by the devices were detected by a navy ship’s sonar system on Sunday. The Sriwijaya Air flight, a Boeing 737-500 carrying 62 passengers from Jakarta bound for Pontianak, went missing in waters north of the capital …

Jan 12 2021

Indonesia: Relatives of plane crash victims help identify remains at hospital

Relatives of the Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 crash victims submitted DNA samples and document at the National Police Hospital in Jakarta on Tuesday to help the identification of remains retrieved from the crash site. Around 60 bags containing body parts were reportedly handed over to authorities. Family members had to undergo a rapid COVID antigen test on site before submitting their DNA. The Boeing 737 carrying 62 people crashed after take-off from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta on Saturday. Search operations are still underway for the black boxes. FORUM

Jan 11 2021

Indonesia: Relatives of plane crash victims submit data at polce hospital

Some of the relatives of the Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 crash victims visited the National Police Hospital in Jakarta on Monday to submit their data to investigators. Before undergoing DNA test, they went through quick COVID examination with only those who tested negative allowed to proceed. “For families coming here, we applied health protocols procedures during this pandemic time,” said a police officer. It comes as the authorities located the black boxes of the Sriwijaya Air flight that was carrying 62 passengers from Jakarta to Pontianak before it went missing on Saturday. FORUM

Jan 11 2021

Indonesia: Police inspect suspected remains from Sriwijaya Air jet

Indonesian officials inspected human remains and debris collected from the suspected crash site of Sriwijaya Air passenger jet, at Port of Tanjung Priok in Jakarta, on Monday. Search and rescue operations started targeting the area between the islands of Laku and Lancang, located north of Jakarta coast, as the plane went missing shortly after takeoff from Jakarta on Saturday. The plane reportedly started losing altitude soon after departure, descending 3,000 metres (10,000 feet) in less than a minute amid heavy rain. Sixty-two people including 56 passengers and six crew members were reportedly on board. Earlier on Sunday authorities located the …

Jan 10 2021

Indonesia: Relative of Sriwijaya Air crash victim calls for more info from authorities and airline

A relative of a victim of the recent Sriwijaya Air plane crash spoke out on the need for more support for families of the victims on Sunday at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, in Tangerang, which hosts a crisis response centre for the disaster. Chandra, a family member of the Sriwijaya Air SJ182 crash victim, said that more clarity was needed from Sriwijaya Air in terms of providing flights for relatives of crash victims to Jakarta in order to undergo DNA testing to help in the identification of remains. He also explained that had arrived at the centre in the hopes …

Jan 10 2021

Indonesia: Debris, human remains recovered from suspected crash site of Sriwijaya Air

More details to follow FORUM

Jan 10 2021

Indonesia: Search and rescue efforts underway at suspected Sriwijaya Air crash site

Search and rescue operations were underway in an area between islands of Laki and Lancang north of Jakarta coast, where it is believed the Indonesian Sriwijaya Air had crashed shortly after its departure from the Indonesian capital. Employees of National Search And Rescue Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BASARNAS) scaled the area using boats late on Saturday. At one point a bag purportedly containing wreckage or remains is visible. According to the latest updates on Sunday, human remains and plane parts have now been pulled out of the water at the suspected crash site. Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 flight …

Jan 9 2021

Indonesia: Search and rescue op to begin at suspected Sriwijaya Air crash site – govt official

The head of Indonesian transportation safety committee Soerjanto Tjahjono gave a press conference regarding the search and rescue operation being organised. The press conference came after a Sriwijaya Air flight is feared to have crashed on Saturday. Families continue to wait for news of their relatives who were aboard the Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 flight that disappeared shortly after takeoff from Jakarta. “The most important thing now is the search and rescue operation. When they give us the green light so that we can begin investigation then we will begin to do it,” stated Tjahjono. The Sriwijaya Air flight disappeared …

Jan 9 2021

Indonesia: Tearful families wait for news of missing Sriwijaya Air flight at destination airport


Jan 9 2021

Indonesia: Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 feared crashed after it goes missing

Sriwijaya Air flight number 182 is feared crashed after it went missing following its departure from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta on Saturday. Indonesian Transport Ministry spokesperson confirmed the plane was travelling from Jakarta to Pontianak. The plane reportedly started losing altitude soon after takeoff, descending 10,000 feet in less than a minute. Sixty-two people including 56 passengers and six crew members were reportedly on board. FORUM

Jan 9 2021

Russia: Three killed after avalanche strikes ski resort in Arctic city of Norilsk

Three people were killed after an avalanche hit a ski resort in the Arctic city of Norilsk, Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) reported on Saturday. The footage from Friday and Saturday shows rescue operations at Gora Otdelnaya ski resort whereby a 14-year-old boy was found alive and transported to a hospital. According to the Russian Investigative Committee, the bodies of a 38-year-old woman, her 45-year-old husband and their one and half-year-old child were recovered. The institution opened a criminal case in accordance with article 238 of the Criminal Code of Russia. All rescue operations were completed on Saturday morning. …

Jan 8 2021

Italy: Dog, drone used in emergency operations after chasm opens up near hospital

Firefighters deployed canine units and a drone to search the wreckage after a giant sinkhole opened up in the car park of a hospital in Naples. The sinkhole, which swallowed several cars upon opening, is roughly 20 metres (65 feet) deep and 50 metres (164 feet) wide. According to local news sources, witnesses reported a roaring noise before the car park collapsed, while local police and fire services reported that there were no casualties as a result of the collapse. The opening of the chasm forced the Ponticelli Hospital to temporarily shutter its coronavirus unit as water and electricity supplies …

Jan 8 2021

Italy: COVID centre evacuated after chasm opens up near Naples hospital

A Neapolitan COVID-19 treatment centre situated in a hospital needed to be evacuated on Friday after a chasm opened up in the hospital’s car park. Ospedale del Mare di Ponticelli or ‘Ponticelli hospital by the sea’, houses six COVID-19 patients, and was cleared as a precaution. The chasm swallowed several cars, and while the cause has not been ascertained, it is presumed that the gas pipes under car park might have caused the accident. There were no injuries reported by police and fire services, the three cars which fell into the chasm were empty at the time. According to local …

Jan 4 2021

India: Protesters block Delhi-Meerut motorway after deadly crematorium roof collapse in Muradnagar

Dozens of people blocked the Delhi-Meerut motorway on Monday to decry the Muradnagar deadly roof collapse that claimed at least 25 lives on Sunday. Mourners, many of them victims’ relatives, blocked the motorway by placing the bodies of two victims on the road near a local police station demanding higher compensation for the families of the deceased among other demands. “We demand the government and the administration provide financial support to the relatives of the deceased and one of the family members should be given a government job on the basis of merit,” said the relative of one of the …

Jan 4 2021

Russia: Flight delayed in Moscow as passenger refuses to wear mask

A flight from Moscow to Chelyabinsk was delayed in Sheremetyevo airport when a passenger refused to wear a mask on Saturday. After several unsuccessful attempts to convince the man to put on the mask and gloves, flight attendants called the police who forcefully removed the passenger from the plane. The plane was delayed by about half an hour and the passenger could be fined up to 30 thousand rubles (€330, $400). FORUM

Jan 3 2021

India: At least 19 killed in Muradnagar crematorium roof collapse

At least 19 people got killed and dozens injured in the collapse of a crematorium roof in Uttar Pradesh’s Muradnagar city on Sunday, according to local media reports. The roof collapsed on people who came to attend a funeral and reportedly took shelter under the roof to hide from heavy rain. Large pieces of debris could be seen on the site. Injured have been taken to a nearby hospital. FORUM

Jan 3 2021

USA: At least three dead as plane crashes into house in Lyon Township

At least three people were reported dead after a plane crashed in a house in Lyon Township, Michigan, Saturday. Debris from the plane as well as fire and smoke billowing from the house were seen in the area. According to reports, no one was injured on the ground. The type of the plane, as well as what caused it to crash, are not yet known. FORUM

Jan 2 2021

Norway: 2nd body found on fourth day of landslide search and rescue mission

A second body was found on Saturday, following the worst landslide in over 100 years, which destroyed over 30 apartments in the village of Ask. Eight more people are still missing, and 10 were injured. The Norwegian authorities released details of the original missing 10 people, but has not confirmed the names or ages of the two bodies recovered. Amongst those originally missing includes a 2-year-old child. Only a dog has been recovered alive since the start of the rescue operation. Roy Alkvist, the on-site commander, confirmed the news “the SAR teams from the fire department and K9 unit from …

Jan 1 2021

Norway: At least one dead following landslide in Ask

At least one person was confirmed dead following a Wednesday landslide in the town of Ask in Gjerdrum municipality, Friday. Dag Andre Sylju, on-scene commander said that “for the first time today rescue people went into the area the landslide area. With rescue dogs and rescue crew and we found a person not alive.” Rescuers are still searching for at least nine more people who are uncounted for. Geir Sonderal, chief of Night Rescue Operation was hopeful that some may still be alive, “we are still hoping to find survivors, we have seen things happen before where people survive a …

Dec 31 2020

Norway: Search and rescue operations ongoing as 10 still missing after deadly landslide

Ten people were still unaccounted for in the early hours of Thursday after a landslide destroyed a large area of the village of Gjerdrum, near Oslo. The police and rescue teams were working overnight following Wednesday’s incident. In an interview, Dag Andre Sylju, an on-scene police commander gave a quick overview of the situation: “A big earth avalanche took place about 4 AM last night, and a lot of people have been rescued and evacuated from their homes because it is a big, big area that’s gone.” Sylju further added that the search and rescue operation was still ongoing as …

Dec 30 2020

Croatia: EU crisis commissioner visits Petrinja following devastating earthquake

European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic visited the Croatian town of Petrinja which was left devastated by an earthquake, on Wednesday and assured its citizens that the EU would support the town’s recovery operations. Lenarcic who was joined by the Vice-President of the European Commission for Democracy and Demography Dubravka Suica was shown the severe damage inflicted upon the town during the earthquake. Lenarcic stated, “While most of the world is struggling with the pandemic that continues to rage this country has on top of that lived through a series of earthquakes and the most recent one yesterday, with …

Dec 30 2020

Croatia: Zagreb mayor, police chief brief on deadly earthquake

Zagreb’s authorities confirmed the situation in Croatia’s capital was under control during a press conference on Tuesday night following a powerful earthquake that claimed several lives and left dozens injured across the country. The epicentre of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake was thought to have been 46 kilometres (28.5 miles) southeast of Zagreb. During the press conference, Milan Bandic, Zagreb’s long-standing Mayor, assured everyone that all residents were being looked after and assisted, with further aid being sent to areas most affected by the disaster: “Everybody is safe and sound… All our teams are now in Petrinja. They are one of …

Dec 29 2020

Croatia: Clear-up efforts underway after earthquake destroys Petrinja buildings

A large-scale cleanup operation is taking place following a magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit the town of Petrinja, southeast of Croatia’s capital Zagreb, on Tuesday. The epicentre, located about 64 kilometres (39 miles) south of Zagreb, struck the nearby town of Petrinja the hardest, where an estimated 20 people were injured. According to reports, there have been six fatalities including a 12-year-old girl in Petrinja. This is the second major earthquake to hit Croatia in 2020 with a previous one of a magnitude estimated between 5.3 and 5.5. occurring last March in Zagreb, killing three people and injuring 26. FORUM

Dec 29 2020

Croatia: Zagreb buildings damaged following 6.4 magnitude earthquake

Buildings were damaged in Zagreb after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake that hit Croatia killed at least one person on Tuesday. Damaged building facades could be seen as an ambulance moved along a street of the Croatian capital. “A few citizens reported they have broken walls and chimneys. Some of them are stuck inside elevators,” said Zagreb Fire Chief Sinisa Jembrih. According to the European Mediterranean Seismological Center (ECMS), the tremor hit at 12:30 (11:30 GMT), with an epicentre located near the town of Petrinja, some 46 kilometres (29 miles) southeast of Zagreb. A 12-year-old girl was killed in the quake and …

Dec 28 2020

Spain: Aftermath at Andratx port after storm Bella batters Mallorca

The port town of Andratx in Mallorca was left in a battered state after fierce winds started raging across the island on Monday with gusts upwards of 110 kilometres an hour. Storm Bella roughed up the seas, sending 6 metre (20 foot) high waves slamming into the port of Andratx. The local promenade was massively damaged and part of it had swept out to sea, leaving massed of debris and dirty water behind. “This storm has of course, been extraordinary, not only because of the intense waves that have devastated the coast of Andratx, with waves of four and five …

Dec 23 2020

USA: Explosion injures dozens in Baltimore building

An explosion in a high-rise building left several people injured and trapped at least two in Baltimore on Wednesday. The explosion happened on the 16th floor of the Baltimore Gas & Electric building in downtown Baltimore. The cause is still unknown.​ *MORE TO FOLLOW* FORUM