Jul 4 2021

Heavy explosion in Hadi’s forces camp in Abyan province

The attack has 20 deaths and wounded so far. Some Saudi coalition media claim the raid was done by UAE warplanes and some claim it was done by Ansar Allah missiles. If the attack was done by Ansar Allah, Yemeni armed forces spokesperson or Ansar Allah media will announce it. FORUM

Jul 3 2021

Latest updates on ‌Baydha and Abyan fronts, 2 July 2021

Saudi-led forces and Al Qaeda terrorists attacks intensified in Sawma’ah axis, east of Baydha, from the July 2nd morning and several of heights surrounding Sawma’ah road are occupied by Saudi coalition. Media of the coalition claim to occupy Sawma’ah road entirely which is not correct.Ansar Allah deployed reinforcement from ‌Baydha to Dhamra and Al Thuraya Al Mayfa’a areas and the conflict still continues. In Lodar district, Abyan province, after Khader Mohammed Abdullah Homsan rebellion from giving the command of security forces in Lodar town to Jaafar Abdullah Saleh Haidara Al-Khela, who was assigned by the state department of Mansoor Hadi’s …

Jun 13 2020

Yemen: Latest updates on Abyan front, 13 June 2020

According to latest updates on conflict between Mansour Hadi and pro-Southerners tribes in Abyan province, Mansour Hadi forces retreated completely from Jardan district.Tribes forces trapped Mansour Hadi forces inside government buildings and military bases of Nasab town and roads Nasab-Bayhan and Nasab-Ataq are blocked by them. Some media reported that tribes blocked Ataq-Nasab road as well and there is possibility of attack to this town. FORUM

May 17 2020

Yemen: Latest Updates on STC and Hadi Forces Clashes

Today, the southerners attacked on Qarn al-Kalasi region, after repelling the Hadi forces attacks on al-Tariah and Sheikh Salem.Also, it is said that “Anis al-Sabihi” (image) the STC field commander in Shabwah, have been captured by Mansour Hadi forces during this morning clashes in Abyan province.On the other hand, the Saudi coalition has criticized of the banning the coastal guard forces activities on the southern coasts by the STC, and it seems that more pressure will be put on the STC by the Saudis in the coming days. FORUM

May 12 2020

Yemen: Clashes between the Southerners and Hadi forces in the Abyan province

Now, Mansour Hadi forces have focused in the Shuqra town, and the southern forces have the cities of Zanjibar and Ja’ar under control, and the clashes continue in the Sheikh Salem region.It is said that the Hadi resigned government has dispatched military equipment and forces from Shabwa province to this region, for supporting of his forces in Shuqra. Interactive map of Yemen FORUM

Apr 8 2020

Breaking: Ansar Allah missile attacks on Abyan

According to Brigadier General Yahya Sari’, a spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, the missile hit the target precisely, killing and wounding dozens of Mansour Hadi forces. FORUM