May 25 2021

Fire at the Afghan-Iranian border crossing again! + Video

According to the latest news from the Abu Nasr Farahi border crossing, a fire broke out in the bazaar and customs of Mil 78 and 2 fuel tankers were completely burnt. Currently, with the help of the Fire Department of South Khorasan Province in Iran, this fire has been contained and the cause and damages of this incident are still being investigated. The fire is said to have taken place after the Khorasan branch of ISIS threatened oil stations in Afghanistan. Some local officials also attributed the accident to the overturning of one of the tankers. Fire at Abu Nasr …

Mar 7 2021

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 7 March 2021

1- Farah:The massive fire at the Abu Nasr Farahi border crossing was contained with the help of Iranian firefighters. 3 storages and 2 fuel tanks were destroyed by fire in the area. 2- Peace talks:Zalmay Khalilzad met with Mullah Baradar and the government’s negotiating team. During these meetings, the issue of forming an interim government in Afghanistan was discussed. 3- Kandahar:– Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid announced release of 53 government prisoners in Kandahar province on the orders of the group’s leader.– According to the Afghan Ministry of Defense, 62 Taliban members were killed and 52 were wounded during the recent …

Mar 6 2021

Explosion at Iran-Afghanistan border passage

According to Taj Muhammad Jahed, governor of Farah, the fire is huge and request has been sent to Iran for help. This is the third explosion at Iran-Afghanistan passages in the past month which are indeed planned.The first explosion happened at Islam Qala’ah passage, Herat province, on February 13, the second and third explosions happened at Abu Nasr Farahi passage, Farah province, on February 23 and March 6. Explosion on the border between Iran and Afghanistan FORUM