Feb 24 2021

Latest Updates on Yemen, 24 February 2021

1- Marib:– Ansar Allah intelligence units released 9 prisoners from a prison in Ma’rib. – Continuation of the clashes between Ansar Allah and the Saudi-led forces on the eastern front of Sarwah, the district of Raghwan and the east of Madaghal. The town of Asdas is still under the quasi-siege of Ansar Allah. 2- Sanaa:Leaders of the Yemeni National Congress Party met with Hassan Irloo, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Yemen. (Image) 3- Al-Jawf: – The meeting of “Abu Ali Al-Hakim”, the head of Ansar Allah Intelligence Organization, with the leaders of the of Al-Jawf tribes. In …

Jul 29 2020

Latest Ypdates on Yemen, 29 July 2020

1. SanaaMuhammad al-Bukhaiti, a high official and member of Ansar Allah political office, reported of a battalion of presidential guard (under command of Tariq Salih) returned to Ansar Allah. 2. Al JawfAbu Ali Hakim, head of Ansar Allah intelligence service, met with elders and militants of tribes Dahm al-Hamra, Hamdan, Zu Hussein, Bani Nuf, Ashraf. Dahm al-Hamra is among the biggest tribes of north of Yemen. 3. Marib– Mansour Hadi conflict with Abidah and Al Samrah tribes in Ruwaik area.These tribes objecting arrest of some of their members by Mansour Hadi forces.– Abdulqader Murtadha, head of rescue administration POW exchange, …