May 17 2020

Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah finally reached an agreement!

According to this agreement, Ashraf Ghani becomes the president for the second time and Abdullah Abdullah is head of National Reconciliation High Council.Abdullah also get 50% of the cabinet and general Abdul Rashid Dostum is decorated by “Marshal”. Abdullah Abdullah campaign claimed that Ashraf Ghani campaign cheated on election and had high tension regardless of USA-Taliban agreement. FORUM

May 17 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 17 May 2020

1. Some sources in Afghanistan reported of the imminent agreement between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah. 2. Paktia:– During Taliban security sources attack on security forces checkpoint in the Band Machaghloo region in Ahmadabad district, 8 security forces were killed and 9 others wounded.– The Taliban kidnapped 11 civilians in the Samkani district.– Ministry of defense: During security forces operations in the Paktia and Paktika provinces, 35 Taliban forces have been killed. 3. Peace negotiations:– Zelmai Khalilzad: stopping the Taliban attacks does not include the peace agreement.– Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesman: We do not recognize the reconciliation council under Abdullah …

Apr 3 2020

Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah talks failed again

After Ashraf Ghani rejected parliament’s proposal regarding division of power, Abdullah Abdullah said:On Saturday 4 April, I will form the inclusive administration and assign the cabinet members. We have time so that people and the world do not think we started the crisis in Afghanistan.Ashraf Ghani claims that he offered Abdullah Abdullah the head of high council of peace and part of the cabinet but he rejected. FORUM

Mar 10 2020

Who is Afghanistan’s Abdullah Abdullah?

The Afghan leader has thrice been contender for the presidency since democracy was introduced in 2004. The Afghan leader started his career as an eye surgeon but was later drawn towards politics during Afghanistan’s civil war following the invasion of the country by Russia in 1979.Abdullah has emerged as a prominent leader in the country and was thrice contender for the presidency since democracy was introduced in 2004 following removal of Taliban from power. He rejected the presidential election results declared last month in a repeat of the 2014 elections marred by fraud allegations.After weeks of political jostling, he agreed …

Mar 8 2020

Parallel governments of Afghanistan will be formed tomorrow!

Following the announcement of the Afghan presidential election results based on the victory of Ashraf Ghani, he would to hold inauguration ceremony on Feb 28th, but this ceremony was postponed to March 9th by the request of the US.Meanwhile, Abdullah Abdullah wants to hold a similar ceremony in his palace; and tomorrow on Monday the two presidents will be introduced to the Afghan people!The interesting point in this contrast is that Ghani and Abdullah have invited each other to their inauguration ceremony. FORUM

Feb 22 2020

Afghanistan: Sar-e Pol under Abdullah Abdullah!

Yesterday Mohammed Nour Rahmani was appointed by Abdullah Abdullah as the governor of Sar-e Pol, and supporters of General Dostum marched in support of him today and gathered in front of the governor’s office. Sar-e Pol Province, with a population of more than 700,000, is located in northern Afghanistan and has a significant role in controlling the northern parts of the country. The majority of the province’s residents are Hazaras and Uzbeks.

Feb 20 2020

Where is Afghanistan going?

Abdullah Abdullah in his yesterday’s statement said that since there are 300 thousand illegal votes considered in the result, he doesn’t accept it and will form a government soon. It seems after several defeats, Abdullah is persisting on his victory this time based on some reasons. Aming the reasons are support of groups and figures such as general Dostam of him, Taliban-USA agreement, Ashraf Ghani’s independence on USA.Abdullah Abdullah does not want to be put out from a government formed after Taliban-USA agreement. Parallel administration is what Abdullah Abdullah is chasing under support of groups from Karim Khalili and Muhaqqeq …