Jan 14 2021

A tie or a mask? Both! Italian designer showcases his anti-COVID invention in Naples

A tie made to protect its owners from the coronavirus and designed by the Italian brand Ulturale has gained popularity since its sales kicked off last September. Owner of the Ulturale, Vincenzo Ulturale, talked about what inspired him to combine a mask and a tie in one, Naples, Thursday.

“I found myself, without a mask, during a pandemic surrounded by other people who wore it. So I used the tie I was wearing to cover my face in this way – it was a seven-fold – and this spontaneous movement led to the idea,” explained Vincenzo.

Vattinn’, which in Neapolitan means ‘go away,’ was seen easily transformed into a mask in just a few steps.

Vincenzo also showed several ties in luxurious fabrics inside the workshop. Some of them even contain a small sea coral horn, a typical Neapolitan lucky charm, hidden between the pleats.

The tie’s fabric is reportedly antibacterial and helps to stop the virus from getting through it.


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