Jan 14 2021

UAE’s first high-speed sky pod network showcased in Sharjah

A high-speed sky pod network was showcased at Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park on Thursday.

The suspended track system was designed by the Belarusian Unitsky String Technologies, and brought to life in collaboration with the UAE’s Roads and Transport Authority and in partnership with the Skywatch Greentech.

“I want to underline specifically that when we talk about the safety of the string transport, it’s much higher than the one of cars or trains. Why? Because when you look at the line of the string transport you will see that there are no arrows no crossroads, so pods go one by one, thus collision and road accidents are excluded,” said Chief Executive Officer at Skyway Green Tech, Oleg Zaretskiy.

The pods have a reported capacity of 24 passengers and can travel up to 150 kilometres per hour.

The system is due to start operating with passengers in March, after the two-kilometre track is completed.


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