Jan 14 2021

Serbia: Orthodox New Year celebrated with flare and fireworks in Belgrade

Several hundred people gathered in front of Saint Sava Temple in Belgrade on Wednesday evening to celebrate Orthodox New Year that is always celebrated on the night of January 13 according to the Julian calendar.

The Orthodox New Year’s celebration started with the fireworks and was followed by the flare performance organised by a group of Partizan football fans. Afterwards, the midnight prayer was held by Bishop Stefan, head of Church of Saint Sava.

“It is a tradition we learned from childhood. We used to come with our parents here earlier, in front of the church, and now we do it with our friends. It is simply a tradition,” explained one of the celebration attendees.

The Orthodox New Year based on the Julian calendar is also celebrated in Russia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.


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