Jan 14 2021

Germany: Crematoriums in Nuremberg deploy containers to store coffins as COVID deaths surge

Nuremberg’s city funeral service has set up five refrigerated containers to store bodies outside the crematorium at the West Cemetery, as seen on Wednesday, in a bid to cope with the increasing demand amid the second COVID-19 wave in Germany.

The coffins of coronavirus victims could be seen with a red sticker on top reading, ‘infectious.’

Around 50 bodies can be cremated in Nuremberg per day, according to the head of the Nuremberg cemetery administration, and the current demand is twice the capacity.

Employees work tirelessly to disinfect the coffins before moving them inside the refrigerated containers or rooms inside the crematorium, to avoid bringing any virus inside.

“We are now running a three-shift operation, and with these three shifts we can manage around 55 cremations per day,” said Britta Walthelm, environment and health officer for Nuremberg.

Two containers were already installed at the South Cemetery. They can store 30 to 40 coffins.

According to Johns Hopkins University’s data, Bavaria recorded at least 8,216 COVID-19 related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, becoming the region with most fatalities in Germany.


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