Jan 14 2021

USA: Trump’s Ferrari and Rolls-Royce up for auction in Florida

Two luxury cars that belonged to US President Donald Trump, a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Ferrari F430, are up for auction in Kissimmee, Florida, as seen on Tuesday.

Trump’s red Ferrari, which he bought in 2007 for around $197,000 (€161,000) from the Cavallino dealer on Long Island is estimated to be sold for $400-500,000 (€327-409,000). The Rolls-Royce Phantom, produced in 2010 and bought by Trump in 2018 for $145,000 (€118,000), is estimated to fetch between 300 and $400,000 (€245-327,000).

Car enthusiasts were seen strolling through the auction hall where Trump’s vehicles were exhibited as well. The Rolls-Royce’s owner maintenance booklet is signed by Trump with a note that reads, ‘I loved the car, it is great! Best of luck.’

“I think it’s an amazing car, I think who owned it is kind of irrelevant,” said one of the auction attendees.

The auction by Mecum is taking place between February 7 and 16, during the final days of Trump’s presidential term.


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