Jan 14 2021

UK: Asylum seekers on hunger strike over conditions at Kent army barracks

Asylum seekers went on hunger strike to protest the lack of information on their situation and worsening conditions at the former army barracks where they are living in Folkstone, England, as seen on Wednesday.

The Napier barracks are temporarily housing about 400 residents since September amid allegations of overcrowding and poor access to healthcare and legal advice.

“Some people stopped eating, they are on hunger strike to complain about the conditions of living here. I heard some of them want to continue until they get some response from the Home Office, or from above, to fix the problem and the situation,” said an asylum seeker.

Due to the high number of coronavirus cases in Kent, volunteers are no longer allowed to have access to the site.

“Some people, they try to kill themselves because their mental [condition] is not good, in here is like a prison,” another resident said.

The UK Home Office said asylum seekers are ‘free to come and go’ from the Napier barracks.


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