Jan 13 2021

Spain: Firefighters drop food to animals at snow-covered farms from helicopter

Footage released on Wednesday showed a helicopter of the Special Group for Rescue at Altitude of the Community of Madrid (GERA) manoeuvring over a snow-covered livestock farm to deliver fodder for the animals in Colmenar Viejo, north of Madrid.

Around 400 animals from 10 farms were fed from the air by the Fire Department’s helicopter in collaboration with the Community of Madrid’s Forestry Brigades.

The storm Filomena brought a historic snowfall to the area, the most intense recorded in a 24-hour period since 1971.

The Union of Farmers, Stockbreeders and Foresters of the Community of Madrid said there were fears that the livestock will die of hunger if the accumulated snow prevents access to the farms. It asked that priority be given to clearing the routes to the enclosures where many animals remain trapped without being fed.


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