Jan 13 2021

Austria: Clinic installs corona test vending machine in Zell am See

A clinic has installed a coronavirus vending machine in the entrance, removing the need to book an appointment.

The automatic dispenser is located in Zell am See, 88km (54 miles) south of Salzburg, and was set up as an easy way for tourists and residents to take a test.

The test, costing €115 ($140), works through patients submitting samples after gargling, which is then analysed in the laboratory. This particular method is an alternative to the nose swab.

“The feedback for this test is really, really good. The demand is high, because there are many patients who want to give a nose sample. There are many patients for whom these nose samples are very uncomfortable, who bleed from the swabs, and have pain,” said medical director of the Tauern clinic, Dr Rudolph Pointner, where the vending machine is located.

Results are available in as little as within twelve hours from taking it, receiving a link with their laboratory results.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, Austria currently has under 400,000 confirmed cases of the virus and nearly 7,000 deaths related to the virus.


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