Jan 13 2021

Germany: Investigators shut down world’s largest darknet marketplace

Over the weekend investigators took down the world’s largest illegal marketplace, DarkMarket following a worldwide investigation, as explained by Attorney General Jurgen Brauer, in Oldenburg, on Wednesday.

On the DarkMarket drugs were mainly traded as well as counterfeit money, passports and identities. Around 500,000 users were active on the marketplace which generated around 140 million euros (170 million dollars) in sales.

Attorney General Jurgen Brauer said the servers were first spotted in Germany but later moved to Ukraine and Moldova. Further research is currently underway on the servers found in Moldova an Ukraine.

Brauer said the investigations saw the cooperation of numerous countries worldwide including, the USA, Australia, Ukraine, Moldova, Switzerland, Denmark, Great Britain and Germany.

A 34-year-old Australian is suspected of running DarkMarket. He was arrested at the German-Danish border at the weekend and is in custody.


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