Jan 13 2021

UK: ‘We can see the way forward’ – PM Johnson praises vaccine roll-out

Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the UK’s swift vaccine roll-out, saying it has vaccinated ‘more [people] than any other country in Europe’ during his appearance at the House of Commons in London on Wednesday.

“The vaccines, Mr Speaker, does show the way forward. It does show how we going to come through this pandemic and again I repeat my gratitude to all those involved because they have now vaccinated 2.4 million people, delivered 2.8 million doses more than any other country in Europe. This is the toughest of times, Mr Speaker, but we can see the way forward,” said Johnson.

He went on to say that the lockdown was ‘starting to have an effect in many parts of the country’. At the same time, Johnson urged people to keep following COVID measures as tougher restrictions were not ‘ruled out’ if the situation worsens.

The UK has been the worst-hit country in Europe, according to data by the Johns Hopkins University, with over three million confirmed cases and more than 80,000 coronavirus-related deaths.


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