Jan 13 2021

Brazil: Manaus hospitals report record high in admissions amid rise of COVID-19 cases

January has already become the second month with the highest number of COVID-19 patient admissions in Manaus, since the beginning of the pandemic, as hospital occupancy is nearing 100 percent.

“We have lived a moment of horror and panic, the pandemic came back to Manaus, we thought it was under control. Lots of people are losing their loved ones. This phase is tragic in our capital,” said local Luciana on Tuesday, outside the Hospital 28 de Agosto.

Reginaldo, another local, deplored the fact that many have stopped observing precautionary hygiene measures.

Reports indicate daily records of hospitalisations, with numbers in January exceeding the total registered during the first wave in May, 2020.

According to the Government of Amazonas, between January 1 and 11 only, some 1,979 were admitted to hospitals in Manaus due to COVID-19. In the whole of May, the total number of hospitalised patients had reached 1,926.


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