Jan 13 2021

USA: New Yorkers queue up outside newly opened Queens mass vaccination hub

Locals were seen queuing in front of Hillcrest High School in Queens, on Tuesday, where a mass vaccination hub has officially opened for all eligible New Yorkers to receive their dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The mass vaccination hub has opened this week alongside several others across US states and is planned to enable vaccination of 5,000 to 7,000 New Yorkers daily.

“It didn’t hurt at all, I’m excited, hopefully, I’ll get my second shot in a few weeks,” said local Sheraz Rimtikher, interviewed at the hub after receiving his first COVID-19 vaccine.

“To the contrary where is so much misinformation out in the public with the chip and the side effects and so on, I would encourage everyone to get the vaccine,” he added.

Another local, Netty Mcmills, expressed her dissatisfaction with the long line and the organisational part of the vaccination process.

“I have to wonder about the efficiency or lack their of. They ask people 75 and over who are not as technologically savvy as the youngsters to fill out myriad forms, to wait online, to switch back and forth,” she said

“Here are about 25 people here, and nobody’s moved and at this rate, we’re never going to get the millions of vaccinations accomplished,” Netty concluded.

According to reports, New York is to open altogether up to 15 mass vaccination hubs, where around 100,000 New Yorkers weekly are supposed to get vaccinated.


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