Jan 12 2021

Germany: Crematorium in Saxony overwhelmed with related COVID-deaths

A crematorium in Meissen, Saxony, is inundated with deceased from the COVID pandemic.

There has been a 100 percent increase in bodies in recent months, according to Joerg Schaldach, the director of the crematorium.

“Usually, we have about 700 deceased per month, which we cremate. Now we have 1,500, so roughly the double” said Schaldach, adding, “this really is the impact of the corona crisis.”

Bodies of the deceased from COVID must be cremated, and this is having an impact on their loved ones “That is the mental problem for the people, that they have the problem of how to say goodbye.”

According to the Robert Koch Institute, Germany has a total of 1,933,826 confirmed cases and 41,577 deaths.


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