Jan 12 2021

Iran: Tehran says no need to renegotiate nuclear deal

Iranian government spokesperson Ali Rabiei said Tehran would not renegotiate the 2015 nuclear deal with the Biden administration, speaking at a news conference on Tuesday.

“If the next US administration fulfils its commitments and abandons past practices, it is possible that a pre-existing legal framework will be found in which we will find common ground on the issues on which we want to return to our commitments,” said Rabiei.

He also commented on the recent storming of the US Capitol by supporters of US President Donald Trump, saying: “What is important to us are the warnings that we have always given from the very beginning of the Trump administration about the consequences of the Trump administration’s lawlessness and unilateralism.”

“The cost of silence and sometimes Trump’s critics inside the United States with his anti-Iranian policies eventually plagued Americans in their own country,” he added.


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