Jan 12 2021

Muhammad Aunty! 74-year-old grandma in Turkey beats Parkinson’s in the boxing ring

Known as Aunty Naciye among her Turkish friends, a Belgian-born 74-year-old woman named Nancy Van Der Straeten has been fighting off Parkinson’s disease with some highly impressive grandma boxing in Antalya.

“When I had Parkinson’s disease, I noticed the medication was not enough. Physical movement was a must. I then started thinking of different kinds of exercises. I came across some videos on YouTube saying that they have been using boxing for Parkinson’s disease for twenty years in the USA and a decade in the Netherlands,” explained Nancy during her workout, on Monday.

Since the coronavirus outbreak in Turkey led to lockdowns, Nancy managed to find a way to train at home.

“I was alone at home, located in a very distant place, during the restrictions due to coronavirus for four months. I was affected, but by chance, I have a sandbag and treadmill at home. So I did some self-discipline exercises.”

Aunty Naciye was filmed taking one of her tri-weekly training sessions at her local boxing gym, landing punches, and showing that incredible resilience.

“Auntie Naciye is a very different student as she is very disciplined and hardworking. She is different than other students in that she has Parkinson’s disease, and she is 74-years-old. She has never skipped one training session,” stated her trainer Muhammet Ali Kardas.

However, Nancy is clearly in her element back in the ring, fighting off the years.

“[The students] are all amazed to see her. They get motivated when they see her,” Muhammet went on to say.


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