Jan 11 2021

China: Wuhan closes potentially contaminated areas visited by two COVID-19 cases

The Wuhan Epidemic Prevention and Control headquarters issued an immediate investigation into all places visited by the two confirmed coronavirus cases.

Among potentially virus-contaminated areas are shopping centres, restaurants, and markets in the Qiaokou District, the access to which police officers blocked with cordoning tape, separating it from the public, on Monday.

Health workers wearing protective gear started a sterilisation process inside the selected venues, while market employees took nucleic acid COVID tests.

The investigation was ordered after the Hebei Provincial Health Commission reported that the two new positive cases in Shijiazhuang had previously travelled to Wuhan for a few days.

Near the cordoned-off area, people were seen walking past banners stating the importance of wearing face masks.

“We always wear masks to commute, but today we especially emphasise the need to wear masks and pay attention to the need for personnel not to gather, and not go to places with a high flow of people,” said Mr Zhang, a local worker.

The two taxi drivers who transported the Shijiazhuang infected passengers have been contacted and the authorities are currently tracing all people who used the taxi afterwards.


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