Jan 10 2021

Watch the world’s strongest disabled man, ‘Big sitting bull,’ pull a van with his bare hands

A German disabled powerlifter broke the seated deadlift world record after lifting 555.5 kg (1224.6 pounds) from a wheelchair. Tobias Anthofer was seen displaying his extraordinary strength by pulling a van with his bare hands and lifting weights in Lunen, North Rhine-Westphalia, on Sunday.

Anthofer, also known as ‘Big Sitting Bull’, was crowned the world strongest disabled man (WSDM) in late December after lifting 5 kg (11 pounds) more than the former record holder.

“In the Guinness book it is written 505 kg (1113.3 pounds), and for the WSDM (World Strongest Disabled Man) was 550 kg (1212.5 pounds) which has been lifted by [British powerlifter] Martin Tye, and I have 555.5kg (1224.6 pounds) now,” Anthofer explained.

“There are different types of challenges. There is first the logistical types of challenges at fitness studios as an example, like accessibility, if it is possible to enter the studio, as stairs etc, are for the most sports enthusiast, not a problem, but for somebody who can’t walk or is restricted in walking, a few steps can quickly be a problem,” said the Big Sitting Bull at his home gym.

“I m just hoping that other athletes and the sport in itself see or accept that’s there are people who can as good in the sports as people without disabilities,” added the powerlifter. Anthofer hopes to one day break his own record and lift 600 kg (1322.7 pounds).


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