Jan 10 2021

‘14 Minutes Of Torture’: New Video Summarizes Houthis Achievements During 2020


On January 9, the Houthi’s media wing released a video documenting the Yemeni group’s military achievements during 2020.

The video, titled “14 Minutes of Torture,” begins with footage of the Houthi’ Air-Defense Force operations. In 2020, the Yemeni group shot down several Saudi-led coalition drones. However, the group’s most notable achievement was the downing of a Saudi Tornado IDS combat aircraft on February 14.

Footage from Operation Solid Structure in the district of Nahim in Sanaa were included in the video. During the Large-scale operation, the Houthis captured more than 2,500 km2 from the Saudi-led coalition. Thousands of Saudi-backed fighters were allegedly killed, injured or captured.

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The video also featured footage from a series of large ground operations against Saudi forces in the northern province of al-Jawf, known as Empowered Over Them. The Houthis captured several military positions, bases and camps in the course of these operations.

The Houthis also showed footage from the battle of al-Khanjar camp in al-Jawf. The battle saw the Yemeni group capturing the camp from Saudi-backed forces.

The Houthis’ large operation against ISIS and al-Qaeda in the central province of al-Bayda’ was also included in the 14-minute video. More than 250 terrorists were killed, injured or captured during the operation. The Houthis also captured 12 camps and gatherings and 1,000 km2 of Wald Rabi’.

14 Minutes of Torture also included footage from a series of raids on Saudi military positions on the Yemeni border with the Kingdom’s southern provinces of Jizan and Najran were included in

The video highlights the Houthis growing offensive capabilities. In 2020, the Yemeni group’s ground operations were more successful than ever before. The Saudi-led coalition’s air superiority failed to stop Houthi fighters. The situation in 2021 will not likely be that different.




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