Jan 10 2021

New Satellite Image Shows Construction Works At Alleged Iranian Missile Base In Eastern Syria


Construction works are still ongoing at an alleged Iranian missile base located near the eastern Syrian town of al-Bukamal near the Iraqi border, a satellite image posted by Twitter account Aurora Intel on January 10 confirms.

A report by Fox News in 2019 claimed the base, which became known as the “Imam Ali Base,” was being built by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which want to store precision-guided missiles there.

Aurora Intel’s satellite image shows ongoing construction work at a large tunnel located in the northern part of the base.

A series of Israeli airstrikes hit the base between 2019 and 2020. A number of building within the base were wiped out. Nevertheless, the construction didn’t stop.

No air-defense systems are known to be deployed at the Imam Ali Base. However, Iranian-backed armed groups from Iraq and Syria are deployed at the base and around it to counter ISIS, whose cells are active in the eastern and central regions.

Despite the allegations of Fox News and the Israeli media, there is still no evidence indicating that Iranian forces have deployed missiles at the base.




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