Jan 10 2021

Worldwide coronavirus infections exceed 90 million

Capitals, SANA- According to the latest statistics by the American Worldometers Website, the number of people infected with (Covid-19) worldwide has reached up to 90 million while the number of fatalities from the virus has amounted to a million and 935 cases.

The Website stated that the number of the worldwide coronavirus infections has amounted to 90,093,060 since the beginning of its outbreak in December 2019, while the global death toll has climbed to 1,935,074, and the number of recoveries has reached up to while 64,486,101.

The United States of America comes first on the list of the most affected countries with 22,699,938 infections and 381,480 deaths, then comes India in the second place with 10,451,346 infections and 151,048 deaths, while Brazil comes in the third place as the total number of infections has reached up to 8,075,998.

Bushra Dabin / Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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