Jan 9 2021

China: Wuhan bridge pays tribute to health workers battling pandemic

A new footbridge built in Wuhan commemorates healthcare workers from all over China for fighting the coronavirus pandemic, as seen on Saturday.

The overpass named ‘Tongji Health Footbridge’ leads to the Tongji Hospital, one of the main medical facilities battling the outbreak in the region.

”This footbridge has recently opened. It displayed the names of medical teams and military medics from the rest of the nation heading to Wuhan to fight the outbreak of coronavirus earlier last year. They helped Wuhan to fight the pandemic for more than 70 days of lockdown. They are heroes of the pandemic,” said Li Lianjun, a local resident.

Thirty-two plates of glass screens were installed on both sides of the bridge, displaying medical teams’ profiles from China’s provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and the army – including the teams’ names, number of workers and maps of their provinces.

“As a Wuhan resident, I think we need to be grateful for them. They devoted a lot for the safety of Wuhan people,” said another citizen on the footbridge.


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