Jan 9 2021

UK: Scuffles break out as police arrest COVID sceptics at London anti-lockdown demo

Twelve were arrested after anti-lockdown demonstrators and police scuffled during a protest against coronavirus restrictions in London on Saturday.

Organised by the anti-lockdown group ‘StandupX,’ dozens of demonstrators marched through the streets of South London chanting: “Stand up, take your freedom back,” while being followed closely by dozens of police officers in Clapham common.

Footage shows multiple arrests being conducted with force as the demonstrators resisted and refused to follow police orders.

The Metropolitan police confirmed the arrests, tweeting: ’12 people have been arrested for breaching Covid regs at a protest in #ClaphamCommon for today. All have been taken into custody.’

There have been 3,017,409 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK since the outbreak began, leading to 80,868 virus-related deaths thus far.


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