Jan 9 2021

Jordan: Mass at Jesus’s baptism site held without pilgrims amid COVID concerns

Jordan’s Catholic community held a mass on Saturday to mark the annual Christian pilgrimage ceremony in Al-Maghtas, the site considered to be the original location of the baptism of Jesus Christ, located on the eastern bank of the River Jordan.

This year’s ceremony took place without the usual procession of pilgrims due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Patriarch of Jerusalem for the Latins and Chairman of the Catholic Bishops Council of the Holy Land, led the ceremony in the presence of priests, nuns and monks.

”This year was very different from previous years,” said Zaid Haddad, a worshippers present at the event. “It was a solemn celebration. It was not very attended by the faithful brothers [here], but it was followed by social media,” he added.

Al-Maghtas was officially declared a Christian pilgrimage site in 2000 by the late Pope John Paul II.


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