Jan 9 2021

Coronavirus infections in the world approach 89 million ones

Washington, SANA- Coronavirus infections worldwide have surpassed 88 million and 918 thousand ones, according to the latest statistics of the American Worldometer website.

The websites said that the total number of infections in the world rose to 88.918.987 cases, while the mortality toll reached at 1.913.877 ones.

The United States of America comes first on the list of the most affected countries with 22.213.101 infections and 375.087 death cases, India is in the second place with more than 10 million and 150,800 moralities, and Brazil comes in third place with a total number of infections to 7. 961.673 cases, while the  total number of moralities reaching at 200498.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon


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