Jan 8 2021

Tishreen Thermal Station …continuous work to keep light on

Damascus, SANA- In very arduous conditions and high risks, employees of Tishreen Thermal Station work around the clock to repair the malfunctions and conduct the periodic maintenance to all the station departments to ensure the supply of electricity to all houses in Syria despite the unjust siege and the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people which led to a dramatic shortage in spare parts and requirements of maintenance and operating the station.

SANA monitored the work reality at the station and met with some workers there. Head of shift staff at the station control hall, Eng. Mazen Saif, said that he supervises twenty employees who observe the control panels that warn them in case any malfunction to start maintaining it immediately in order to prevent the station being out of service.

Saif clarified that the staff work in very difficult conditions during which they expose to toxic gases, fumes, smoke, pollution and loud noise, adding that during the war years they were subjected to siege and shells that caused the martyrdom of a number of them and the injury of others.

He said that despite of this they keep on work with dedication to reach the electricity to the Syrians’ houses.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon


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