Jan 7 2021

USA: Seniors queue up to get vaccinated at COVID drive-thru in Florida

Hundreds of senior drivers queued up overnight in Deltona, Florida, to receive a jab of the COVID-19 vaccine, as seen on Thursday.

Volusia County, where Deltona is located, administered 1,000 doses throughout the day in partnership with the Florida Department of Health.

“We know right now based on this event and our reservation process that the demand is very high compared to the supply, there is definitely a higher demand than supply. So we are working to actively get vaccinations into arms as quickly as we can once they are received in the county,” said Kate Sark, Volusia County’s spokesperson.

“We had a real problem last week, we tried to get there last week and the traffic was abhorrent. We couldn’t even get close to the site last week when they did first come first serve. This process here was much smoother,” a driver said.

Earlier this week, a vaccination attempt in nearby Daytona Beach caused huge traffic jams with some potential recipients forced to camp out overnight waiting for their doses.

“Well we just got the vaccine for the COVID-19 and so far no effect at all. The shot was very smooth, no pain at all, no adverse effect that I can tell at all,” the driver added.


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