Jan 7 2021

UK: Derbyshire locals receive COVID-19 jabs at county’s vaccination centre

Mass inoculation against the COVID-19 virus began at the Derbyshire county in East Midlands on Thursday as the state-owned sports venue Derby Arena is set as largest vaccination centre.

“The NHS is really under pressure at the moment because of the COVID pandemic. Things are at the most challenging at the moment. And the way that we are going to get out of this is by vaccinating the maximum number of people that we can,” said Derbyshire community health service NHS foundation’s Chief Operating Officer Will Jones at the centre as he appealed people of Derbyshire to make themselves available to their local medical staff for the vaccination roll-out.

The centre will take care of people from across 30 general practices from the county and the patients will be contacted prioritising people from risk groups and will add to other centres set up at Derbyshire to carry out the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out.

People were seen waiting at the main hall of the arena for their turn to be vaccinated aided by dozens of medical staff including GPs, nurses, pharmacists and administrative staff.

“This is a good relief, it provides some good news in times of COVID-19 when there’s lots of bad news and lots of worrying features about it that this is a part of good news that we can get this started and finally look to find a way out of this situation,” added Dr Drew Smith, one of the GPs deployed at Derby Arena.

The UK is the fifth-worse affected country in the world, approaching three million confirmed cases and over 78,500 deaths with the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University.


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