Jan 7 2021

Berlin zoo animals fill their bellies at annual four-legged Christmas feast

Christmas celebrations may be over for Berliners but the animals at the Tierpark Zoo in Berlin enjoyed their traditional Christmas tree feast on Thursday by chomping their way through leftover trees from the holiday season.

“This has become quite a tradition over the last couple of years, that we got these old Christmas trees that haven’t been used as Christmas trees before, as a donation from certain providers where we can also rely on the quality of the trees, that they haven’t been treated with any chemicals or that they don’t have any piece of decorations on them obviously,” explained Zoo and Tiergarten Berlin spokesperson Philine Hachmeister.

The zoo also makes sure the trees given to the animals have not been treated with chemicals nor been decorated with Christmas ornaments.

Visitors had the chance to watch bison and elephants, among other animals, playing with the Christmas trees.

“They enjoy playing with these trees and it’s an additional treat on their menu for some of them, some are just using them as a sparring partner to engage with, so it’s a part of the enrichment here for the animals,” Hachmeister said.


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