Jan 6 2021

France: Protesters march in Paris on anniversary of Kurdish activists murder

Hundreds of Kurds marched in Paris on Wednesday to commemorate the eight anniversary of the assassination of three Kurdish activists found dead in the French capital in 2013 with bullet wounds in the head and neck.

Protesters with banners and placards decrying Turkish president Erdogan were seen marching to the memorial monument to lay flowers and candles.

“Eight years have passed. Eight years of injustice, eight years of impunity, eight years to demand justice for Sakine, Rojbin and Leyla. And also to demand that families be received by government officials, that justice is rendered to families, that justice is rendered to the Kurds, that justice is rendered to the friends of the Kurds, that justice is rendered to feminists. We cannot accept impunity and we will continue to demand justice until Erdogan, the sponsor of this triple assassination is tried and sentenced,” a spokesperson of French Kurdish Association CDK-F said.

Turkish authorities have always denied any role in the murders of Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Soylemez. No convictions have been made to date.


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