Dec 30 2020

UK: ‘Brexit is not and end but a beginning’ – Johnson addresses parliament on Brexit deal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lauded the opportunities Brexit would grant the United Kingdom as he spoke before the House of Commons, in London, on Wednesday.

The MPs were called on the eve of the Brexit transition period deadline to debate the legislation implementing the recently signed trade and cooperation deal with the European Union.

“Having taken back control of our money, our borders, our laws and our waters by leaving the European Union,” Johnson said, “we now seize this moment to forge a fantastic new relationship with our European neighbours based on free trade and friendly cooperation.”

He added the deal will provide ‘certainty’ in key areas such as security, business or science while maintaining the partnership with the EU on beneficial conditions.

However, Johnson reminded the MPs of a shared duty “to make the best use of the powers that we regain” to ensure the success of the deal for the country.

“Detaching ourselves from the EU is only a prelude to the greatest tasks of establishing our new role,” Prime Minister concluded.

The European Parliament is expected to hold a ratification vote early next year. Until the formal approval on both sides, the deal will be applied provisionally.


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